21 Apr 2023

Smooth production flow with muting

The muting safety function enables a smooth production process when material is fed in and out via a conveyor. With applications such as the monitoring of conveyor belts, palletising or controlling the outflow of packages, unnecessary downtimes can be avoided and productivity increased. The muting arms available for the safety light curtains PSENopt II make integration and assembly simple.

Muting arms for muting integration

When combined with the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, safety light curtains PSENopt II offer the muting safety function. This enables material to be transported in and out of danger zones while production is running, thus ensuring a smooth production process, without unnecessary downtimes. The additional muting arms simplify integration and assembly considerably. Assembly directly on to the safety light curtains saves space and avoids additional installations. You can assemble the necessary sensors along the muting arms in any position – depending on the required application. A complete set is available for L-, T- and X-muting respectively. Ideal for applications in the logistics and packaging sector.

Product picture muting arms

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