Servo motors PMC EZ

Compact and powerful

Servo motors PMC EZ

You can implement numerous applications with the servo motors PMC EZ. Their compact design is a convincing feature, also making them ideal for space-critical applications. What's more you benefit from high dynamics and low cogging torques.

The servo motors PMC EZ are suitable for use with the multi-axis system PMC SI6 and the compact system PMC SC6.

Shared power and encoder interface thanks to one cable solution

Our servo motors PMC EZ are also available in a version with just one shared power and encoder interface. In this case it has a twistable plug-in connector with quick lock. With this type, the connection services between the encoder and drive controller are carried in the motor's power cable.

By saving on the encoder cable, the wiring work is reduced considerably, as is the space requirement in the drag chain.

Servo motors PMC EZ

Unrivalled benefits of the servo motors PMC EZ

Benefits of the servo motors PMC EZ
  • Powerful and robust for a wide range of different application areas
  • High power density due to the very compact design
  • Extremely smooth running and high process quality due to the low cogging torques
  • Maximum cycle rate/machine output thanks to the highest dynamics
  • Best heat dissipation generates permanently high performance
  • High-resolution absolute value encoder systems for maximum control quality and absolute positioning
  • Ideal for use with on-board axes and in cramped conditions
  • Energy saving due to high efficiency factor

Features of the servo motors PMC EZ

  • Optical or inductive measurement principle
  • High system accuracy with up to 23 bit resolution
  • Up to 4096 recordable revolutions in multiturn design
  • Electronic nameplate for fast, safe commissioning
  • Additional information transferred with the position value (EnDat® 2.2)
  • Twistable plug-in connector with quick lock
  • High temperature resistance
  • High vibrations and shock resistance
Features of the servo motors PMC EZ

Our product range: Servo motors PMC EZ

Servo motors PMC EZ

Choose the right servo motor PMC EZ for use with the servo amplifiers PMC SI6 and PMC SC6.

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