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Safety switch

Optimum safety gate and position monitoring by safety switches

Safety switches

Safety switches can be used in a variety of areas: when a guard is opened, hazardous machine movements e.g. must be stopped and a restart must be prevented. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the guards. Certain applications also require the safety gate to be interlocked until the hazardous production process is complete.

The safety switches PSEN meet these requirements effectively and economically and are therefore ideal for safety gate and position monitoring.

Flexible use to EN ISO 14119 – Benefits of the safety switches

  • Compact design for easy, space-saving installation
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Cost savings thanks to series connection
  • Long product service life thanks to rugged housing
  • Safe, complete economical solution in conjunction with Pilz analysis units
Flexible use to EN ISO 14119

Features of the safety switches

Features of the safety switches
  • Meet all requirements of ISO 14119
  • Mode of action / Coding: mechanically (PSENmech, PSENhinge), non-contact magnetically (PSENmag), non-contact coded (PSENcode) as well as fully coded, uniquely fully coded (PSENcode)
  • Protection type: IP67 (PSENmech, PSENhinge), IP67 / IP6K9K (PSENmag, PSENcode)

Secure safety gate and position monitoring – For every environment and application

For monitoring gates in safety fences, for covers, lids and rollup doors and for position detection: The safety switches PSENmech, PSENmag and PSENcode are suitable here. Our safety switches meet the requirements of EN ISO 14119 very economically and combine productivity with safety and user friendliness.

Pilz safety switches are available with various designs and operating principles. They can also be used in difficult environmental conditions. Connect the safety switches in series and realise even bigger cost savings!

But sensor technology on its own is not enough: the solution is only complete with the corresponding analysis options. That's why Pilz offers a safe, complete solution comprising sensor technology and control system. It means you save time and money in implementing all components, including certified safety.

Secure safety gate and position monitoring – For every environment and application

Safety switches in use in many different industries

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