PUWER Inspections with Pilz

What can Pilz PUWER Offer?

Pilz PUWER assessors have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a thorough assessment of your work equipment to PUWER and compiling an in-depth report. Pilz will also provide a risk evaluation using Type C standards associated with the machinery in conjunction with the standard EN ISO 12100:2010 for each non conformance highlighted within PUWER.

Our safety services team can help to assist in providing the correct control measures are applied to any non conformance identified. Pilz can provide with a complete range of safety services such as Risk Assessment, Safety Concept, Safety Design and CE Marking. Pilz’s range of machinery safety training courses can help to develop your skills and knowledge in various aspects of machinery safety from standards to products and certified courses.

Pilz PUWER Report

You will receive a draft report prior to your PUWER Inspector leaving site, once it has been quality checked in our head office, your final PUWER inspection report will be emailed to you. If requested a hard copy can be sent out and your PUWER Inspector can even re-visit site to present the findings of the report.

The report is delivered in a bookmarked PDF format, with your areas and/or work equipment separated out for ease of use and clear understanding of what your report says. Each individual item of work equipment is identified separately within the report and is linked to the applicable regulations including all non conformities per machine.

An executive summary is included in the report, covering the results of the assessment including a graphical representation of your hazard types and risk levels. Your report data is also sent to you in an excel format, making it easy to upload your report data into your own systems for easy distribution amongst departments and teams.

Click here to recieve a sample of a Pilz PUWER report

Your benefits at a glance

  • 14 trained assessors across the UK
  • Industry leading experience
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly PUWER report
  • In-person presentation available
  • Complete safety service offering - from inital PUWER Assessment through to Safety Design to CE or UKCA Marking, right through to Engineering and Training

Our staff has deep technical knowledge of not only PUWER but of other relevant machinery safety directives, regulations and standards that accompany PUWER for a comprehensive inspection of your machinery and work equipment.

We work in partnership with you to identify any potential non- conformances/hazards and provide a suggested risk reduction method to help you achieve compliance and a safe working environment.

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