Operation elements PIToe

Compact pushbuttons for a variety of uses

Operation elements PIToe

The compact control and signal devices are versatile to use when operating your plant, enabling you to switch and display digital inputs and outputs. It's possible to select and display the operating mode, for example.

The operation elements are intended for 22.5 mm diameter mounting cutouts in accordance with EN 60947-5-1 with anti-rotation protection. As a result, they fit seamlessly into your plant and machine design and are ideal for installing or retrofitting into consoles, control panels or command panels.

New: Operation element PIT oe USB – activatable USB interface for plant and machinery

The activatable USB 2.0 host interface on the PIT oe USB enables tamper-proof import of programs and removal of data. A keyboard or mouse can also be connected. The USB port is activated via a 24 V signal; the "ready for operation" state is displayed via the LED ring.

In combination with PITreader, activation is only possible with the appropriate permission, enabling access only to authorised personnel. When not in use, a cover protects the compact, robust operation element to IP65.

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Operation element PIT oe USB

Operation elements PIToe - Benefits to you

  • Compact operation elements to switch and display digital inputs and outputs
  • Suitable for 22.5 mm mounting cutouts in accordance with EN 60947-5-1
  • Illuminated LED display
  • Fits seamlessly into the design of your control consoles
  • Ideal supplement to Pilz solutions for operating mode selection

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