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Overview of the news

We're hiring! Join Pilz UK

22 Jul 2024

Looking for a change of career?

Are you currently working as a Safety Consultant, Assessor, Inspector or Compliance Engineer/Manager within Machinery Safety and looking for a change of career? We've got the perfect opportunity for you! We're looking to add to our Training Team. No training experience? No problem! A full L&D programme is available.

We're on the lookout for a Machinery Safety Trainer! More details here...
Two people stand before a monitor and look at the training courses.

22 Jul 2024

Training courses: Machinery safety, Industrial Security and product applications

We offer a wide range of training courses in the field of plant and machinery safety. To ensure you find the right training even faster, we have divided the training area into three thematic areas: Machinery safety, Industrial Security and product applications.

Find the right course even faster!
PNOZmulti Configurator Version 11.4 logo

2 Jul 2024

Software PNOZmulti Configurator – What's new in Version 11.4

The software tool PNOZmulti Configurator is used to create projects with the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 and to open and edit existing PNOZmulti 2 projects. Version 11.4 includes among other things new hardware such as the decentralised input and output modules PDP67 with 5-pin connectors and security functions for the base unit PNOZ m B1 as well as user management and device communication.

More information on PNOZmulti Configurator Version 11.4
Pilz podcast cover with podcast guest for the current episode

27 Jun 2024

Podcast on safe protection zone monitoring using radar systems

Safety, user friendliness and productivity should all be in harmony when it comes to area guarding on machinery. There are special additional requirements in rugged environments. That’s because the protective device must still offer reliable protection even where there is high dirt contamination, such as dust and swarf, or even moisture or direct sunlight. Radar sensors offer safe, reliable protection for these application areas. Why not listen now!

Listen now!
Logo L-TEC GmbH

13 Jun 2024

Safe lift, up hill and down dale

In the outdoor cabin lifts from L-TEC, PNOZmulti provides safe transport management for passenger transportation worldwide.

“Customer reference: PNOZmulti manages safe journeys with L-TEC outdoor lifts worldwide”
Pilz UK are hiring!

11 Jun 2024

We're hiring! Join the Pilz UK team

We're on the lookout for a Key Account Manager, who's primary objective will be to increase sales of our Products and our Services. Interested? Hit the link below for the job spec and details of how to apply.

Join the Pilz UK team!
Safe radar sensor PSENradar

4 Jun 2024

New sensors for the safe radar sensor PSENradar

Two new radar sensors offer new possibilities in the field of safe protection zone monitoring: PSEN rd1.2 sensor F-FOV with a detection range of 0 to 5 metres and PSEN rd1.2 sensor F-FOV LR with a range of 0 to 9 metres. In addition to the symmetrical viewing angle, both sensors enable the configuration of asymmetrical as well as corridor-shaped viewing angles. Read more about both new innovations here.

New innovations for the safe radar sensor PSENradar
Two editions of the book

23 May 2024

Pilz is part of the "Best of German Industry"

The first edition of the book "Best of German Industry", from the Zeit publishing group, appeared in December 2023. The aim of the project is to showcase "business excellence" and provide encouragement, despite all the challenges that German industrial companies face. Pilz is one of these companies that demonstrate resilience and innovative strength.

Discover more about the "Best of German Industry" now!
Cover of white paper

13 May 2024

White paper on safety locking devices

We have summarised all the key information about safety locking devices in the white paper. Discover everything you need to know about the various safety functions, and how to install them safely.

Download white paper
Master CE Marking with Pilz UK

10 May 2024

Become a master of CE Marking

CE Marking is mandatory for manufacturers working in or importing to EU countries – ensure you’re up to speed with the process by attending our specialised CE Marking training courses.

Become a master of CE Marking

7 May 2024

Press line retrofit is textbook

A safety upgrade on a press line at the Austrian firm Grass GmbH provides new process stability when forming steel.

“Customer reference: PNOZmulti 2, PSENcode and PITgatebox provide a new level of safety on an overhauled press line”
The new issue of

2 May 2024

New issue: “Mensch und Automation”

What is the impact of sustainability and digitisation on industry? Safe automation has a key role. Our digital customer magazine provides some insights.

Read the new issue now!
Safety gate with the safety locking device PSENmlock mini

24 Apr 2024

Safety locking device PSENmlock mini: Safeguard safety gates

For which applications is the new safety locking device PSENmlock mini suitable? Thanks to its compact design, even space-critical applications can be safeguarded reliably and effectively. Discover potential application areas for our space-saving miracle here.

To the applications
Operation element PIT oe ETH

19 Apr 2024

Operation element PIT oe ETH with activatable Ethernet port.

New to the portfolio is the operation element PIT oe ETH with activatable Ethernet port. This gives authorised personnel the option to activate the interface temporarily, in order to install new programs or configurations or to create backup copies.

Everything about the new operation element

17 Apr 2024

New: IO-Link Safety

Communicate safely at field level – in one system! For the first time, a complete IO-Link Safety System is available for safe communication at field level. Discover the new standard now!

Discover everything about the complete IO-Link Safety System!
Two men looking at a tablet together

15 Apr 2024

The new Industrial Security Consulting Service

How do you protect machinery against cyber attacks, misuse by operators or manipulation? In future, Industrial Security will be an important component of the EC Declaration of Conformity. The new Industrial Security Consulting Service from Pilz is your solution: Our experts analyse your risk with regard to security vulnerabilities on the machine and create an appropriate concept for greater cyber security, plus increased employee protection and machine availability.

Discover now!
Text reads: We're hiring!

10 Apr 2024

We're hiring! Join the Pilz UK team

We're on the lookout for a UK Channel Partner Manager based in the North. Interested? Click the link below for further information.

Join the Team!
Safety locking devices PSENslock 2 and PSENmlock mini awarded product of the year in the

10 Apr 2024

Pilz safety locking devices are "Product of the year"

The safety locking devices PSENslock 2 and PSENmlock mini took first place in the readers’ vote for "Product of the year". Readers of the industry journal Computer&Automation voted for the two safety locking devices from Pilz in the Safety & Security category.

More about the award ceremony and the products

28 Mar 2024

All fired up for safety

Small controller PNOZmulti 2 Burner establishes efficient burner management in roller hearth furnaces for steel production, from Aksoylar.

“Customer reference: PNOZmulti 2 Burner undertakes burner management in roller hearth furnaces from Aksoylar Robotik”
Matthias Wimmer explains the Machinery Regulation in our webinar

27 Mar 2024

Concise knowledge of the Machinery Regulation in 30 minutes

Matthias Wimmer is Pilz’s expert in the interpretation of new standards and regulations. He knows: “It is never too early to deal with the new requirements.” That’s why he will guide you through the five-part webinar on the EU Machinery Regulation, to give machine manufacturers an overview of the pending changes in machinery safety. Step-by-step you will discover the key information on the publication of the EU Machinery Regulation and the procedural, organisational and technical changes, enabling advance preparation.

Watch the webinar now!
A man standing in front of a flipchart in a conference room.

20 Mar 2024

New training course on the Machinery Regulation

Use our new training course to prepare for the Machinery Regulation: You will obtain an overview of the differences between the Machinery Directive and the Machinery Regulation. Also, the Machinery Regulation will be examined in the context of the 6-step process for CE marking.

Register now: Introduction to the Machinery Regulation
Railway control system from Pilz with the Railway Solutions by Pilz logo

18 Mar 2024

Pilz & Trafikverket are digitising the Swedish rail network.

The Swedish Transport Administration for railway infrastructure, Trafikverket, has awarded Pilz the contract to modernise the communications structure across the rail network. In future, the railway control system from Pilz will take over communication between the interlockings and control cabinets on the line, based on the safe real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p. The digital I/O signals are transferred via glass fibre long-distance connections. The solution also guarantees safe operation in accordance with SIL4 and EN 50126.

Discover further partnerships and references here!
Logo for LogiMAT event

12 Mar 2024

Safety & Security Solutions at LogiMAT 2024

Don't forget: in Stuttgart from 19-21 March, everything revolves around intralogistics solutions and process management. Visit our stand, 6B37 in Hall 6, and discover the appropriate Safety & Security solutions for your logistics application.

Our solutions for intralogistics at LogiMAT

6 Mar 2024

Award-winning solutions

At the recent SPS in Nuremberg, two innovations from Pilz were recognised with an award. Read the news to discover which these were, and what the special features of these solutions are.

More about the awards
Input module PNOZ m ES 16DI for standard applications to monitor pushbuttons and other digital sensors

26 Feb 2024

Small controllers PNOZmulti 2 – Input module for monitoring pushbuttons

To monitor pushbuttons and other digital sensors, you can use the input module PNOZ m ES 16DI for standard applications.

Further information about the new module
Two men with a clipboard in a warehouse.

19 Feb 2024


In 2024 at LogiMAT, the international trade fair for intralogistics in Stuttgart, Pilz will once again be presenting comprehensive Safety & Security solutions and services for your logistics applications.

More information about the trade fair

14 Feb 2024

Small controller PNOZmulti 2 Now with Safety-over-EtherCAT

To transfer both control and safety-related information, use EtherCAT in combination with the safe protocol Safety-over-EtherCAT FSoE (= FailSafe over EtherCAT), which transfers safety-related and non-safety-related information on the same channel. In the news you can read how to integrate the safety concept seamlessly into the machine concept.

Available now - Small controller PNOZmulti 2 now with Safety-over-EtherCAT
Employees from PILZ and TÜV Süd at the handover of the certification document

7 Feb 2024

Safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 – up and down without a care!

The base units of the PNOZmulti 2 product range and associated expansion modules have been certified by TÜV SÜD as a programmable electronic system, known as PESSRAL, in accordance with the directive 2014/33/EU.

More about certification!
Two people sitting in front of a laptop

31 Jan 2024

Start your expertise journey today!

Start your journey to Machinery Safety expertise with our Machinery Safety training courses! The Pilz International Qualification programme allows delegates to build up their Machinery Safety knowledge gradually and to their desired degree of qualification.

Start your expertise journey today!
Microphone in front of a laptop with a teacup in the background

24 Jan 2024

Webinar schedule released

Pilz UK are continuing the series of free Machinery Safety webinars throughout 2024 with some new additions to the schedule. The free Machinery Webinar Series from Pilz aims to give you the essential facts & updates on a range of key Machinery Safety topics, without you having to leave the office. Our presenters will cover the key facts in around an hour and will offer participants the added opportunity to get instant support for specific questions.

Brush up on your Machinery Safety knowledge
Webinar Icon

15 Jan 2024

Animation for I.A.M. - Identification and Access Management

In various animations you can see quite clearly how Identification and Access Management can also protect your personnel from hazards in maintenance situations, and how you can assign various access permissions to plant and machinery. One-stop Safety and Security solution!

To the videos
Man gesturing at training set-up

9 Jan 2024

UK training team to hit the road

NEW for 2024 we're taking two of our most popular training courses, CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert and City & Guilds Assured 4-Day Machinery Safety, to various locations across the UK.

Get Machinery Safety-certified with the experts

8 Jan 2024

New Year, new course available

New Year, new course available from the Machinery Safety Experts! Anyone who manufactures, imports, exports or operates industrial machinery has a duty of inspection under EN 60204, the standard that is covered in our course 'Electrical Safety in Industrial Installations.' And the course is now a part of our 2024 Training Schedule! Click below to visit the corresponding webpage for course contents and availability.

Get up to speed on EN 60204
A man with a hard hat on a shop floor with many plants, standing before the display on the frontmost plant

20 Dec 2023

Our portfolio of safety locking devices

We offer a wide selection of safety locking devices for your safety gate. We have restructured our website to make product selection easier.

Safety locking devices for your safety gate
NÖM AG logo

20 Dec 2023

Safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 at NÖM AG

Small controller PNOZmulti 2 replaces the obsolete muting solution in the dairy palletising system at NÖM, practically as the operation is running

Customer reference: Safe muting with PNOZmulti 2 when palletising in the cold store at NÖM
A stocking filled with sweets

19 Dec 2023

Pilz wishes you a happy Christmas!

Let’s look back together at 2023, a really special anniversary year. We have summarised the highlights for you again. Thank you for putting your trust in us. We are already looking forward to a host of exciting projects next year. Happy Christmas to you and your families!

A look back at the anniversary year of 2023
Pilz Christmas Tree

14 Dec 2023

Merry Christmas from Pilz UK

As the end of 2023 approaches, we at Pilz UK want to wish you a Merry Christmas

Pilz UK Christmas Message
Trainer - Consultant Vacancy

6 Dec 2023

We're hiring! Join the Pilz UK team

We're on the lookout for a Machinery Safety Trainer - Consultant. Interested? Click the link below for more info.

Job Specification
New training: ROS Application for Autonomous Mobile Vehicles

1 Dec 2023

New training: ROS Application for Autonomous Mobile Vehicles

At the end of this training, you will be able to create a project for an autonomous mobile vehicle with ROS and ROS2. You will know how to implement it in real applications. A training for professionals!

Find out more now!

14 Nov 2023

New safety solution for mobile robot applications

For freely navigating mobile platforms, Pilz offers a comprehensive safety solution in accordance with ISO 3691-4, consisting of the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 with new functions for synchronisation monitoring, safety laser scanners PSENscan for productive area monitoring and various signal devices.

AI Image, magazine cover

13 Nov 2023

Future topics at Pilz

Artificial Intelligence and Safety? In the digital customer magazine, IO-Link Safety and Industrial Security provide a glimpse into the near future.

To the new issue
Logo with a black circle and symbols and text

6 Nov 2023

IO-Link Safety: Communicate safely at field level – in one system.

As an expert in safe automation, at SPS 2023 we will be presenting something new on the market: a complete IO-Link Safety System with Master and sensors. An economical and flexible complete solution, which simplifies integration into plant and machinery, and increases performance.

IO-Link Safety
Microphone with yellow and white elements

27 Oct 2023

Expert panel at SPS - smart production solutions

“Safety and Security in Transformation” is our motto for this year’s SPS. We are your reliable partner in this transformation process. Come to our daily presentations and benefit from the knowledge of our experts.

Discover our presentation programme now!

24 Oct 2023

EPLAN Partner Network - Time-saving engineering

The EPLAN Partner Network (EPN) was established early in 2021 and pools the worldwide expertise of more than 60 cooperation partners. Pilz has been a technology partner in the EPN network right from the start. You’ll find EPLAN macros, article data und 3D control cabinet macros for our products directly in the EPLAN Tool.

Time-saving engineering with EPLAN
Product picture safety locking device PSENmlock mini

17 Oct 2023

New safety locking device PSENmlock mini

The new safety locking device PSENmlock mini for personnel protection expands Pilz’s portfolio of safety switches with guard locking. With its compact design of just 30x30x159 mm, PSENmlock mini is ideal for space-critical applications, such as flaps or covers for example.

Everything about the new safety locking device

9 Oct 2023

Mensch und Automation - now digital!

Our anniversary issue of “Mensch und Automation” takes you on a journey through 75 years of Pilz. Discover all the exciting topics in the digital version now!

To digital customer magazine
Man with laptop next to an AGVS

28 Sept 2023

Updated edition of ISO 3691-4 published

The updated edition of the international standard for automated guided vehicle systems has been available since June 2023. Our training provides an overview of the key changes for manufacturers and operators.

What are the changes?
Pilz safety distance calculator

25 Sept 2023

What safety distance is required?

With applications requiring hand protection, employees are to have optimum protection and the workflow is not to be disrupted. That’s why it is essential to calculate the right safety distance.

More about the Pilz safety distance calculator
Susanne Kunschert, Managing Partner of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG and Tilo Brandis, Managing Director of Pintsch GmbH

14 Sept 2023

New framework supply agreement with Pintsch

Pilz and the expert in safe railway infrastructure, Pintsch, are working together to develop innovative control and signalling technology for digitisation of the railway. By signing a framework supply agreement, the cooperation partners are taking the next step in their collaboration.

Customer magazine cover

12 Sept 2023

The first issue of “Mensch und Automation digital”

With the anniversary issue of the Pilz customer magazine celebrating 75 years of Pilz, the company is introducing for the first time “Mensch und Automation digital” – with even more stories and expert knowledge from the world of safe automation.

To digital version
World map, Great Britain

7 Sept 2023

Brexit news: CE mark extended for the United Kingdom

On 1 August 2023, the British government announced that it shall remain possible to import defined products with the CE mark indefinitely, alongside the UKCA mark.

Find out more now!
Man with a tablet in front of machine

5 Sept 2023

Is my machine safe? – An efficient overview

Has some of your machinery – whether purchased new or used – been in use for a while? This video explains how the Pilz Machinery Safety Evaluation service perfectly supports you with a cost-efficient evaluation, a set of measures, a priority list and recommended actions!

To the video

5 Sept 2023

Access permission system PITreader S: Application at HT Robotics

For a mobile robot station, HT Robotics wanted to ensure that only three authorised user groups gain access to the application – the access permission system PITreader S is the solution here!

Customer reference: Safe access control for mobile tool station from HT Robotics
Key-in-pocket: sign in

28 Aug 2023

New system release PSS 4000 1.25 – Key-in-pocket solution

The key-in-pocket solution is available for the automation system PSS 4000 with system release 1.25. That way you can protect your personnel from an unplanned machine restart.

Overview of all new products
Training with Pilz UK

22 Aug 2023

Upgrade your Machinery Safety expertise with the Machinery Safety Experts

Opportunities to train at our purpose-built training facility in Corby are quickly running out for 2023 - we're almost fully-booked for the rest of the year!

Upgrade your Machinery Safety Expertise
Get Machinery Safety Certified with Pilz UK

18 Aug 2023

More Opportunities to Get Machinery Safety-Certified

A majority of our training courses are certified by acknowledged test organisations - and we've just added another four to the list!

Get Machinery Safety Certified with Pilz UK
Two men standing in front of a machine

17 Aug 2023

Validation – explained in brief in the video!

Get a quick overview in the video! Only with a safety validation can you determine whether the required measures for risk reduction at the machine have been verifiably and correctly implemented! But what depth of validation is necessary and useful? Pilz introduces the new validation system that comprises three individual levels – for maximum efficiency and perfectly tailored to your needs!

To the video
Pilz Safety Distance Calculator

4 Aug 2023

Calculate the right safety distance quickly and safely

The safety distance is key for the safe operation of a plant. With the Pilz Safety Distance Calculator you can easily calculate the required distance.

Why not try it out?

27 Jul 2023

PITmode fusion: Application at MTU Aero Engines

Operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode fusion increases Safety and Security on crack testing machines from Rhode + Wagner

Customer reference: Identification and Access Management on crack testing machines from Rhode + Wagner
Person on a training course

24 Jul 2023

How can automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems be used safely?

Discover how an AGVS can be integrated safely into an existing outflow system! Expand your knowledge of typical risk reduction measures as well as the use of various safety strategies. The training is aimed at all specialist staff responsible for machinery safety on new and existing AGV, as well as AGV manufacturers, integrators and users. From correct application and implementation through to assessment and evaluation - Pilz keeps you on the safe side!

Secure your place now!
Pilz Safety Distance Calculator

20 Jul 2023

Calculate the right safety distance

We provide support for calculating the safety distance on safety light curtains with our Pilz Safety Distance Calculator. The necessary distance is calculated based on EN ISO 13855 and your information. Then the right products for you are displayed directly.

Test the Pilz Safety Distance Calculator now!

14 Jul 2023

Protecting people at Pilz

All over the world, automation solutions from Pilz protect humans in mechanical engineering, intralogistics, railway technology or robotics from potential hazards that arise in the production process or in the production environment. Humans and their safety take centre stage at Pilz.

Protect humans
A speaker making a presentation at an exhibition

12 Jul 2023

I.A.M. at the Hannover Messe

Our key focus at this year’s exhibition is Safety and Security. Our experts will provide comprehensive information on "Identification and Access Management". Schedule a personal consultation now.

Schedule a consultation at the Hannover Messe

28 Jun 2023

New cooperation with ARENA2036 and SmartFactoryKL

Representatives of Pilz, ARENA2036 and SmartFactoryKL sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The foundation for the cooperation is the joint work of the partners on projects such as Catena-X and the Asset Administration Shell.

More on the new cooperation

26 Jun 2023

Sustainable automation with Pilz

Safe automation technology from Pilz supports our customers on the road to sustainable production that conserves resources. We always have Safety and Industrial Security in our sights, in order to guarantee a long service life for your machine.

Sustainable automation with Pilz
Compass with standards

21 Jun 2023

ISO 13849-1 published!

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published the new edition of ISO 13849-1. The standard is the main safety standard for the design of safety-related control systems for machinery. The revised version specifies a range of guidelines, for determining the performance level for example, and thus provides better support with implementation. It also takes account of the greater significance of software.

Significant changes 2023

6 Jun 2023

Environmental protection at Pilz

As a global team, our aim is to improve safety for human and machine worldwide - that also includes the environment. At Pilz, we are aware of where and how high our greenhouse emissions are - our aim is to use appropriate measures to reduce emissions as far as possible!

Environmental protection at Pilz
Pilz campus with logo

25 May 2023

Sustainability at Pilz

As ambassadors for safety - for human, machine and the environment - we make an important contribution to sustainability with our employees, our energy-efficient products and environmentally-friendly solutions, plus our ecological commitment. The aim: to reduce our worldwide greenhouse gas emissions to an absolute minimum.

More about sustainability at Pilz

21 Apr 2023

Muting arms for muting integration

When combined with the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, safety light curtains PSENopt II offer the muting safety function. This enables material to be transported in and out of danger zones while production is running, thus ensuring a smooth production process, without unnecessary downtimes.

Muting arms
Customer magazine Mensch und Automation

4 Apr 2023

The new customer magazine “Mensch und Automation” is online

Not even we can offer the solution to every requirement. But read the current issue of “Mensch und Automation” to discover why, with our solutions package, we are well placed to at least answer your questions on safe automation. 

Read more here!
City & Guilds Assured Shields

28 Mar 2023

Upgrade your Machinery Safety Expertise!

There are limited spaces on a couple of our upcoming City & Guilds Assured courses - namely 4-Day Machinery Safety and Safety Design & Verification.

Upgrade your Machinery Safety Expertise
Services for safe premises

20 Mar 2023

Services for safe premises

Optimum protection for your staff! We have tailored our machinery safety and automation services to the railway. This way to your new safety concept.

Services for safe premises in rail transport
Logo PJ Monitoring GmbH

28 Feb 2023

Hammer blow replaced by smart automation

The system specialist PJM brought control intelligence from Pilz on board, to develop an automatic brake test on freight carriages. The result offers greater efficiency in rail freight transport.

Customer reference: Automatic brake test on freight trains with PSS 4000
Direct to innovation

20 Feb 2023

New: PITreader card unit

New type of transponders. The PITreader card and PITreader sticker use RFID transponders in card or sticker format - for greater flexibility.

Direct to innovation
Pilz UK Machinery Safety webinars

18 Feb 2023

Pilz UK Continuing Free Webinars

Pilz Automation Technology are continuing their series of free Machinery Safety webinars throughout 2023, with some new additions to the series.

Brush up on your machinery safety knowledge with our free webinars

13 Feb 2023

Designing railway premises to be safe

From hardware component to the complete safety concept: for you, we have extended our industrial expertise from the fields of machinery safety and health and safety regulations to railway premises. We can provide support with the safety-related assessment and implementation of standard-compliant solutions.

More information
myPNOZ monitors cardboard feed

25 Jan 2023

Modular safety relay myPNOZ monitors cardboard feed

Packaging solutions must often accomplish one task above all: to safely protect operators. If there is insufficient cardboard in the magazine, for example, the sensors will report this state to the modular safety relay myPNOZ. The machine is stopped until the cardboard is replenished and production can restart.

myPNOZ monitors cardboard feed

23 Jan 2023

Security on automated guided vehicle systems

Freely navigating automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) in production halls communicate with their control station wirelessly. That means they are susceptible to attacks or tampering from outside. Read on to discover how this can be avoided with the right solution.

Security solutions for AGVS
Logo Waldorf Technik GmbH

17 Jan 2023

Comprehensive advice = high efficiency

The core competency of the injection moulding specialist Waldorf Technik is modular, efficient and highly productive automation solutions, which are tailored exactly to the customer's requirements and offer maximum safety. The CE mark is essential for these modular machines. Waldorf commissioned Pilz to implement the regulated, demanding risk assessment and validation process: as a services expert, Pilz takes responsibility for the whole conformity procedure. 

Customer reference: Pilz undertakes the entire conformity procedure at Waldorf Technik
Logo Haco AG

14 Dec 2022

Future-proof labelling!

The food manufacturer Haco AG simply wanted to integrate a new labelling laser into an existing coffee filling line – without long downtimes. However, the installed safety relay could not be expanded any further. After a short conversion phase, the modular safety relay myPNOZ provided a future-proof replacement.

Infrastructure for rail transport

12 Dec 2022

Railway infrastructure - modernised and safe

Here you can discover everything about our solutions for a modernised railway infrastructure and safe railway operation. From engineering and project configuration through to service and maintenance - simple and safe!

Infrastructure for rail transport
Product photo AGVS

5 Dec 2022

Modular safety solutions for AGVS

Here you can discover how to harmonise safety and productivity using modular product solutions. Even at high speeds, obstacles are detected immediately and collisions successfully avoided. In the case of danger, the AGVS is switched off safely and then switched back on. Read on to discover how that works with the right solution.

Safety solutions for automated guided vehicles
Where are harmonised standards published?

1 Dec 2022

Once the contract is concluded - EU harmonisation work full steam ahead!

EU Commission signs contract with harmonised standards contractor! The consultancy firm ERNST & YOUNG will continue to act in the role of the contractor. In the name of the EU, E&Y has to undertake the task of appointing/approving the so-called harmonised standards consultants (HAS consultants) and managing and monitoring the budget provided by the EU for this purpose.

More about harmonisation work on EU standards
Logo Brau Union Österreich

15 Nov 2022

Retrofit knowledge tapped

As part of comprehensive retrofit measures, a barrel cleaning and filling plant at Brau Union in Wieselburg was to be upgraded to the state of the art. As an automation expert with many years of retrofit expertise, Pilz acted as partner: from an analysis of potential hazard points through to safety-related validation in accordance with international safety directives. Today, the plant meets all the current regulations with regard to safety.

Digitisation for railway technology

14 Nov 2022

Digitisation for railway technology - Get on track for Rail 4.0

Digitisation of the railway industry keeps advancing. That’s why we too have improved our digital web presence: Come on board into our virtual world of rail transport! An interactive graphic on our website provides information on our railway automation solutions. You’ll also discover the projects we’ve already implemented and what our current customers are saying about us.

Digitisation for railway technology
Product photo IO-Link Safety solutions

28 Oct 2022

IO-Link Safety solutions

Live demonstration of IO-Link Safety solutions at SPS in Nuremberg! See for yourself the potential of this new technology.

Everything about the new safety solution

22 Sept 2022

The Pilz Group and Pintsch GmbH enter into a development partnership

The automation company Pilz and the expert in safe rail infrastructure, Pintsch, are to enter into a long-term development partnership. In future, the companies will work together to develop solutions for the digitisation of the rail infrastructure.

Two strong partners
Image of a handshake

21 Sept 2022

And CCA Makes Four...

Pilz UK are delighted to announce that CCA are the fourth company to join our Authorised Distribution Partner Programme.

More about the new partnership between CCA & Pilz

20 Sept 2022

Make way for a reliable points controller

Obsolete points controllers were slowing down the urban trains and trams in five of Poland's major cities. ZUE S.A. was responsible for the modernisation measures. The aim: To convert a points controller system to the state of the art. In doing so, the automation system PSS 4000 assumes reliable control of the points in all weathers.

Control points safely and reliably using the automation system PSS 4000

1 Sept 2022

New safety for the Master!

In order to be able to continue to offer high quality in the future, the Austrian machine builder Advanced Engineering also adapted its safety concept as part of its modernisation of the electrical and control technology of the whole machine portfolio. Even on the Peelmaster sheet remover, established back in 1997, the new type of myPNOZ safety relay is the safety component at the heart of the modernisation solution.

Customer reference: Modular safety relay myPNOZ establishes new safety standard at Advanced Engineering
Digitalisation in the rail industry

18 Aug 2022

Uniform railway standard with the EULYNX adapter

Our intention with the EULYNX adapter is to drive the digitalisation of the rail industry. The EULYNX adapter is an important milestone for an open railway market based on digital train control systems.

Find out more!
Sebastian Lüke (Head of Business Unit Rail) with Michael Fohrer (railway expert)

11 Aug 2022

Ready for the mobility transition: establishment of the Business Unit Rail

By establishing the new Business Unit Rail, we are expanding our railway technology offer and bundling our global railway activities. Find out more about the background now!

Find out more!

27 Jul 2022

Smart analysing unit for the safe radar sensor PSENradar

The new analysis unit PSEN rd1.x I/O with USB connection is available now for safe protection zone monitoring in rugged application conditions. Insensitive to dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks, steam and vibrations thanks to radar technology!

More about the smart analysing unit
Handshake with Pilz logo and TLA logo

25 Jul 2022

TLA Completes the Authorised Distributor Hattrick

Pilz UK are delighted to announce that TLA Distribution are the third company to join our Authorised Distribution Partner Programme.

More about the new partnership between TLA & Pilz

25 Jul 2022

UKCA certificate for the modular safety relay myPNOZ

Pilz is the first company in Germany to receive from TÜV Süd the UKCA certificate for the modular safety relay myPNOZ. As such, myPNOZ will be accepted on the British market even after January 2023.

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People shaking hands

21 Jul 2022

LC Automation next in Authorised Distributor line

Pilz UK are delighted to announce that LC Automation are the next company to join our Authorised Distribution Partner Programme.

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20 Jul 2022

Safety for press, human and robot!

The new pre-assembled, tailor-made safety relay myPNOZ gave automation service provider Peter Huber AG a simple way of making the interface between bending machine and robot safe for a kitchen fittings manufacturer. Today, after revising the safety concept, the bending machine can be loaded safely both manually and via robot.

Customer reference: Modular safety relay myPNOZ as interface between bending machine and robot
Image of handshake with Pilz Authorised Distributor logo and Kempston Controls logo

19 Jul 2022

Kempston leads the way for Pilz Authorised Distributors

Pilz UK are delighted to announce that Kempston Controls are the first authorised distributor to join our partner programme.

More about the new partnership
Standard EN IEC 62061

18 Jul 2022

IEC 62061:2021 harmonised as EU standard EN IEC 62061:2021!

IEC 62061 was published in 2021 and in April 2022 was published in the Official Journal of the EU as harmonised standard EN IEC 62061. Presumption of conformity for the previous version EN 62061:2005 ends on 11 October 2023 at the latest!

Standard EN IEC 62061 published as harmonised standard
PNOZmulti 2 with two optical sensors

30 Jun 2022

Safe monitoring of the cardboard feed on packaging machines

In your application, do you need to monitor whether a movable guard is in a pre-defined position: for example, the packaging material in a packaging machine's cardboard magazine? Discover more about the solution and the small controller PNOZmulti 2!

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Packaging line with vegetables being wrapped

27 Jun 2022

NEW Webinar - Packaging Safety

Pilz Automation Technology are continuing their series of free Machinery Safety webinars throughout 2024. Packaging processes are the main focuses of our September webinar, where our key presenter will be discussing the packaging-specific standards that are harmonised to the Machinery Directive.

Register for our Packaging Safety webinar today!

22 Jun 2022

Automation solutions in end-of-line packaging

In end-of-line automation in particular, robot applications are frequently used. Here you'll discover how to use appropriate solutions from Pilz to guarantee personnel protection and at the same time avoid unproductive machine downtimes.

To the appropriate automation solutions

21 Jun 2022

This tray former is only open for efficiency

Cardboard blanks as a movable guard? Sounds imaginative, but it only works on tray formers if operators are not endangered when the material infeed runs empty. On the tray formers from Sema Systemtechnik, this is taken care of by a TÜV SÜD-certified solution with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 and special sensors.

Customer reference: TÜV SÜD-certified solution for safe monitoring of the cardboard feed at Sema Systemtechnik
Pilz House Corby, Northants

13 Jun 2022

We're hiring! Join the Pilz UK team

We're looking to grow the team here at Pilz UK and have a couple of new vacancies over on our careers page. Follow the link for full details.

Pilz UK Careers Page
Fachpack exhibition logo

13 Jun 2022

Pilz at FACHPACK 2024

Visit us at FACHPACK in Nuremberg from 24 - 26 September 2024. Under this year’s exhibition slogan: "We create the future", we will show you many flexible and safe solutions for the Safety and Security of your packaging machines.

Find out more and get your free entrance ticket now!
Belantis logo

31 May 2022

Retrofit in a flash

In Leipzig's Belantis amusement park, riders on the “Götterflug” can decide themselves whether they want to glide calmly through the air or enjoy a thrill-packed ride with sensational loops. Of course: the rides must go hand in hand with maximum safety. That's why, when it came to the retrofit, Belantis relied on a complete solution comprising the automation system PSS 4000, including an innovative wireless link.

Customer reference: Retrofit of the BELANTIS “Götterflug” flight carousel using the automation system PSS 4000

13 May 2022

New system release for the automation system PSS 4000 1.23.2

New functions are available for the automation system PSS 4000 with system release 1.23.2 Information about the most important ones is available here in the overview.

More information

10 May 2022

Good luck! – Safety for underground mining

For Sandvik Mining and Construction GmbH - from Styria, Austria - safety is the number one priority: continuous mining machines, among others, must be reliably protected from potential explosions. For this Sandvik relies on the automation system PSS 4000. It ensures that tunnel boring machines can be used underground without risk.

Customer reference: Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H. with PSS 4000
Development process safe and secure

26 Apr 2022

Development process safe and secure

TÜV Süd scrutinised our development processes. The result of this audit: Pilz's development met the requirements of the standard IEC 62443-4-1 and complies with the SDL process.

Development process safe and secure
Automation of packaging lines in primary packaging

21 Apr 2022

Automation of packaging lines in primary packaging

In primary packaging in particular, the requirements for process protection and hygiene are very high! Here you'll discover how to use our solution to meet all these requirements, and increase the safety and productivity of your machine in the process.

Safe automation in primary packaging
Logo Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH

12 Apr 2022

Sustainable safety solution perfect for parquet manufacturer

The Austrian prefabricated parquet manufacturer, Schleucher Parkett, retrofitted one of its existing milling machines. Now it is well and safely equipped for the next ten years. What's more, it is significantly more energy efficient and therefore more sustainable. It was important to Scheucher that planning and implementation, plus the adopted solution, was one-stop, as well as environmentally and resource friendly.

Customer reference: Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH with PSENmlock, PSENopt II and PITgatebox
Tablet with Pilz product

1 Apr 2022

Always "up-to-date" with push messages from Pilz!

From now on you can receive and read our news simply and conveniently as push messages. Stay informed!

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New PDP67 PN with Profinet/Profisafe interface

28 Mar 2022

New input and output modules PDP67 F 10DI4DO 5/8 ION (VA)

The new PDP67 modules have ten safe digital inputs and, as a new feature, have four safe semiconductor outputs, which enable the modular safety gate system PSENmlock to be connected directly, for example.

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Engineer in an automated warehouse with robot

17 Mar 2022

Safety first for warehouse automation

With increased levels of automation, it is more important than ever to ensure that human and machine interact smoothly and safely within the warehouse environment. Safe automation expert Pilz has recently been applying its wealth of experience to intralogistics applications taking a holistic approach with its portfolio of safety services, training and safe automation solutions.

Safety solutions for Intralogistics
Logo Brainware Solutions GmbH

8 Mar 2022

Economical test systems: No Stop, just go!

High-end systems from Brainware Solutions examine quality characteristics and functions on door trims and are an integral component on production lines in the automotive industry. Zero errors and time are the key factors here. Use of the safety laser scanner PSENscan, combined with the safe configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, offers effective protection with minimum test time.

Customer reference: Brainware Solutions GmbH with PSENscan and PNOZmulti 2

3 Mar 2022

Access permission with the non-contact sensors PSENcode key

Want to enable access to machine functions to authorised persons only and safely prevent your machines from restarting? In this case, use of the coded safety switch PSENcode key is based on the key lock principle.

More about PSENcode key
Basis of CE & UKCA Marking Training Course - Now Available Online

2 Mar 2022

Further your CE & UKCA Knowledge Online

We've updated one of our well-established courses, Basis of CE Marking, to include elements with a focus on UKCA marking - and the training is now available online. The updated course, now called ‘Basis of CE & UKCA Marking’, aims to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge through step-by-step classroom sessions and practical exercises on a 3D machine model. After the training delegates should be able to assess the status of their own machines and their conformity with a detailed understanding of the process.

Follow this link to further your CE & UKCA Marking Knowledge with Pilz...
(EU) 2019/1020 - Market Surveillance Regulation

28 Feb 2022

Key changes in the (EU) 2019/1020 Market Surveillance Regulation

Find out which obligations apply when and for whom and how we can support you en route to CE marking your machine.

(EU) 2019/1020 - Market Surveillance Regulation
ArcelorMittal logo

23 Feb 2022

More productive, hard as steel!

As the world's leading steel producer, steel giant ArcelorMittal focuses on the very latest production technologies. The aim is to make its own production processes permanently safer and more efficient. The plant in Ghent is used to refine steel coils (strip steel rolls) in accordance with customers’ requirements. However, to enable the steel strip to be cold-formed, it must first be heat treated. Significant downtimes and exhausting troubleshooting were the rule when the burners failed. After the retrofit, the automation system PSS 4000 now guarantees smooth and productive operation, due also to accelerated fault diagnostics, among other things.

Customer reference: Automation system for optimised burner management at ArcelorMittal
Overrun measurement

16 Feb 2022

Overrun measurement - Safety distance guaranteed

On machines with electrosensitive protective equipment, safety is guaranteed by the distance between the hazardous movement and the electrosensitive protective equipment. Where there is intervention/access to the danger zone, no more rundown movements may occur! The Pilz inspection guarantees that the safety distance meets the legal requirements.

What is the procedure for an overrun measurement
Laptop in background with honeycombs as icons in the foreground

1 Feb 2022

Fault tolerance in machinery safety – New white paper available!

Part two of the white paper on fault tolerance in machinery safety is available now and can be downloaded free of charge. It clearly describes how to implement fault-tolerant safety functions, which allow a plant or machine to continue operating in certain fault scenarios, without neglecting personal protection requirements. Secure your copy of the white paper now, free of charge!

To white paper!
Safety in every dimension

27 Jan 2022

Pilz Authorised Distributors - Extensive range of Pilz components

Just a click away or right in your area: The Pilz product and system portfolio is also available from our authorised distributors.

Find out more now!

20 Jan 2022

Productivity boost for rotary indexing tables

To overhaul its servo-driven rotary indexing table, the Compact Basic Machine that produces filigree mechanics, PIA Automation wanted a solution that not only monitored the movements safely but at the same time enabled higher cycle counts. The rotary indexing tables now run more safely, more efficiently and with greater flexibility with the drive solution from Pilz.

Customer reference PIA Automation with Pilz Motion Control

13 Jan 2022

Your challenges: economic efficiency, customer proximity and utilising staff potential?

In order to face these challenges, you need time, specific expertise and the relevant capacity. In our decision makers booklet, we'll show you how to achieve greater economic efficiency and global customer proximity, so utilising the full potential of your staff.

Direct to download

17 Dec 2021

Pilz hardware not affected by "Log4Shell" vulnerability in software library Log4j Vulnerability is highly unlikely to be exploited in Pilz Software products

On December 10th, 2021, the BSI (the German Federal Office for Information Security) published a cyber security alert on the so-called "Log4Shell" vulnerability in the software library Log4j. Log4j is used in many Java applications. Pilz hardware components do not use Java and thus no log4j. Therefore, these components are not affected.Pilz Software products partially use log4j versions 2.0 to 2.14.1 (current vulnerability CVE-2021-44228). Analyses to date have shown that it is highly unlikely that the vulnerability can be exploited. If, contrary to expectations, there is a risk, we will publish a security advisory.

To the customer information

14 Dec 2021

FAQs about the new safety relay myPNOZ

The modular safety relay myPNOZ would not be called "modular" if it couldn't easily be embedded in your application. We explain exactly how that works in our FAQs about the new product.

Digital freight transport

10 Dec 2021

European Railway Prize for "WaggonTracker" with automation system PSS 4000-R

Pilz worked with PJM to develop the control solution for the automatic brake test on the "WaggonTracker" system. The heart of this solution is the automation system PSS 4000-R, which was designed specifically for the railway industry. Discover more!

European Railway Prize for "WaggonTracker" with automation system PSS 4000-R

6 Dec 2021

Safe Motion - new motion monitoring functions

Find out here how your drive avoids unnecessary downtimes thanks to new motion monitoring functions - Safe Motion up to the highest safety level PL e.

EuroChem logo

1 Dec 2021

Danger clearly identified!

An extensive network of conveyors and lifts is used to transport products at fertiliser producer EuroChem's bulk cargo port in Antwerp. The interlinked element is a gigantic conveyor, which also operates as a sorting system. The challenge here is the rugged environment: the extremely dusty discharge points must be cleaned regularly, so the machine area must always be easily accessible to operators. Today, the safe radar system PSENradar ensures that safe, efficient workflows are guaranteed, even under these extreme (visibility) conditions.

Customer reference: Safe radar system PSENradar safely overcomes the dustiest of environments at EuroChem

26 Nov 2021

FAQs about the new safety relay myPNOZ

In this digital age, what could be better than ordering a safety relay to suit your own safety requirements, conveniently on the Internet? We make that a reality with the modular safety relay myPNOZ and the corresponding online tool myPNOZ Creator. We answer the most frequently asked questions about the new online tool.

Servo motors PMC EZ

22 Nov 2021

Servo motors PMC EZ

You can implement numerous applications with the servo motors PMC EZ. Their compact design is a convincing feature, also making them ideal for space-critical applications.

Servo motors PMC EZ
Flexible, combinable drive controllers

10 Nov 2021

New: Flexible, combinable drive controllers

With the servo amplifiers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6 you benefit from flexible, combinable drive controllers in a compact design. The drive controllers can be connected via all common communication protocols. Choose between the scalable multi-axis solution PMC SI6 for large machines with more than four axes and the expandable stand-alone solution PMC SC6 for compact machines.


3 Nov 2021

Production's rolling!

When exchanging paper reels weighing hundreds of kilos to produce corrugated boards at Austrian cardboard packaging manufacturer Mosburger GmbH, the risk potential for the operator was high because the process requires manual intervention. To reduce this risk to a minimum, Mosburger relies on a comprehensive safety solution comprising the automation system PSS 4000 and the safety gate switch PSENcode.

Customer reference: Safe, automated production of corrugated board, despite the unusual setup at Mosburger GmbH

12 Oct 2021

FAQs about the new safety relay myPNOZ

Get to know our new safety relay myPNOZ. We answer the most frequently asked questions about the new product.


30 Sept 2021

Flexible safeguarding of special purpose machinery

Before a new assembly cell for shock absorbers was due to go into operation at a well-known car manufacturer's, the special-purpose machinery manufacturer HAHN Automation needed a sophisticated safety concept. As a long-time partner, Pilz used the risk assessment as a basis for developing a flexible solution to safeguard the assembly cell; a solution that could be transferred to other plants.

Customer reference Hahn Automation with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 and sensor technology PSEN
FAQs about the new safety relay myPNOZ

23 Sept 2021

FAQs about the new safety relay myPNOZ

Anyone who hasn't yet heard about the new safety relay myPNOZ should definitely read on now! We answer the most frequently asked questions about the new safety relay.

FAQs about the new safety relay myPNOZ

16 Sept 2021

Customer reference Vaillant with the safety light curtain PSENopt II

54 plants are to be modernised, to upgrade Vaillant’s production of hot water storage cylinders to state-of-the-art electrical and safety technology. The safety design for cylinder production was to incorporate a barrier-free solution for two older production lines, combining safety with efficiency. The loading and unloading area presented a challenge, as it was to be free of any disruptive structures.

Customer reference Vaillant with the safety light curtain PSENopt II
The world's first UL-certified Type 3 safety light curtain PSENopt II

13 Sept 2021

The world's first UL-certified Type 3 safety light curtain PSENopt II

Ready to use in USA and Canada, and anywhere else that robust safety is required!

Enjoy the benefits now!
Logo Bühler Group

26 Aug 2021

Bake delicious wafers safely, all over the world!

According to industry insiders, every second wafer manufactured industrially worldwide is baked using a Franz Haas wafer machine from Bühler. As a result, all customised plants must be highly flexible and, above all, meet all country-specific safety standards. That’s why the Austrian wafer machine specialist relies on the burner version of the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 to safely control and monitor its ovens

Customer reference for the safe, total burner control solution at Bühler Group with PNOZmulti 2
Pilz Care

25 Aug 2021

Pilz Care: Individual product support now as an inclusive service

Book your Pilz Care package now – including a contingent of support services from our experienced safety engineers! You’ll receive technical support for your plant and machinery, without complicated commissioning or taking internal ordering processes into account for each individual case. So particularly when there’s a short term need, you can simply call up pre-booked remote or on-site support.

Pilz Care in detail
Logo Micado

19 Aug 2021

Custom-fit safety for prototypes!

Micado is a supplier of automated solutions focusing on tailor-made, innovative customer applications. That’s why Macado used the new type of modular safety relay myPNOZ for the safety technology on a prototype inline measurement system – even before it was officially launched!

Tailor-made customer solution at Micado with the new type of safety relay myPNOZ
PAS4000 software

12 Aug 2021

New system release for the automation system PSS 4000

New functions are available for the automation system PSS 4000 with system release 1.22: You can now also download projects without the software PAS4000 and use IEC61131 programming with the SFC Editor. Find out more!

New system release for the automation system PSS 4000

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