1 Jan 1970

New analogue input module for PNOZmulti controller

Pilz is launching a new analogue input module for the PNOZmulti modular safety controller. Up to four of these PNOZ ma1p modules can be mounted on the left-hand side of a PNOZ m1p or PNOZ m2p base unit, and each module can accept two analogue inputs. Depending on the configuration of the hardware and safety logic, the module meets the requirements of EN IEC 62061 SIL2 or SIL3, as well as performance level (PL) e of EN ISO 13849-1.

A wide range of analogue sensors can be used with the new module - typically in a dual redundant configuration - such as encoders, temperature sensors, pressure sensors or position/level sensors. The PNOZmulti controller can then monitor for range limits or a maximum of eight threshold levels per input. Reaction time is just 75ms.

Status is indicated via LEDs on the front of the analogue input module and, if installed, via the PVIS 'intelligent diagnostics' system and a Pilz PMImicro diag display. In addition, the actual analogue values can be transmitted via a PNOZmulti fieldbus module. Errors are stored in the error stack within the PNOZmulti base unit.

Virtually any safety-related application requiring monitoring of an analogue value can benefit from the new analogue input module, as it accepts a +/-10V or 0-20mA signal. Compared with the traditional technique of using a separate unit external to the controller to set a level on an analogue signal (for example, by means of an analogue-to-digital converter), the new module offers greater simplicity, a lower risk of errors, and a reduced requirement for engineering time - all of which is likely to result in cost savings. Furthermore, if adjustments are ever necessary, these can be readily achieved using the intuitive drag-and-drop PNOZmulti Configurator software tool.

Note that use of the analogue input module requires firmware version 5.5 on the PNOZm1p base unit or version 2.5 on the PNOZ m2p. Version 5.3 of the Configurator is also required.

The new analogue module is due to be available in February 2008

Please contact Pilz to request more information about the PNOZ ma1p analogue input module.


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