1 Jan 1970

Help is at hand with the Pilz safety design service

There are many reasons why customers turn to Pilz Automation Technology for safety design services. In some cases it is because of the pressure of other projects and limited in-house resources, but it can equally well be due to customers acknowledging that they - and their own engineers - do not posses the necessary competences to develop a safety system design. There are also clients that simply like the reassurance that comes from using a trusted external resource for something as critical as a safety-related machine control system.

Depending on the reason for using Pilz, and the nature of the project concerned, Pilz provides a range of services related to the design of safety systems. This includes component selection, hardware design, preparation of circuit diagrams and software development. Within these processes, the Pilz engineers will, as required, prepare the safety requirements specification (SRS), allocate safety measures to the identified hazards, determine safety integrity and performance levels, and perform design reviews and safety validations. While Pilz does not have in-house panel building facilities, the company works closely with a number of panel builders so can, indirectly, offer this service as well.

Taking the project forward, Pilz also provides assistance through installation, commissioning and training, as well as local ongoing support via the global network of Pilz subsidiaries. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that Pilz also offers a safety concept service for customers starting from a 'clean sheet of paper,' and supplies an extensive range of products for safety-related control systems.

Typical projects on which Pilz provides safety design services range from machine upgrades and refurbishments, to new machine designs, novel processes, and combining individual machines into single production lines. Pilz Automation Technology in the UK can readily call upon industry-, machine- or process-specific expertise from other Pilz subsidiaries around the world, drawing on the wealth of knowledge that has been built up over decades of work in the field of machinery safety.

Customers using the Pilz safety design services can be certain that they will get the best possible advice and designs, compliant with appropriate standards, and backed by formal quality management and competence management systems.

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