1 Jan 1970

Magnetic safety switches feature space-saving design

This features a space-saving M12 threaded barrel-style body for the sensor and actuator so installation is straightforward on almost any type of hinged or sliding guard, or other applications where fail-safe position sensing is required.

Indeed, the sensors are suitable for a very wide range of applications thanks to their integral cables and sealing to IP69K, ATEX approvals (pending) and Ecolab approvals (for resistance to detergents). They are appropriate for use in safety-related control systems conforming to BS EN 954-1 safety category 4, EN ISO 13849-1 performance level (PL) e and EN IEC 62061 safety integrity level (SIL) 3.

Other notable features include resistance to shock and vibration, an 8mm switching distance, an auxiliary contact as standard (for signalling to a PLC, for example) and an integrated status LED. Depending on the model selected, the sensors come with 5m or 10m cables and can either be used singly or in series with other safety sensors. In the first quarter of 2008 Pilz will also introduce a cuboid actuator that gives an extended (15mm) switching distance, and there will be an option to specify plug connectors instead of integral cables.

The PSENmag sensors operate on the non-contact magnetically-actuated reed switch principle and therefore give a long, trouble-free service life in industrial environments. They can be used in conjunction with virtually any 24V DC evaluation device, including safety relays, PNOZmulti modular safety controllers and Pilz programmable safety systems (PSS).


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