17 Jun 2014

EN ISO 14119 is now harmonised

The standard EN ISO 14119 for the design and selection of safety gate systems is now applicable and binding throughout Europe.

The standard EN ISO 14119 - Safety of machinery was included in the Annex of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC back in April. It has now become a harmonised European standard. EN ISO 14119 replaces EN 1088 in the relevant Official Journal. There is a short transition period. As a result, only EN ISO 14119 will apply from 1.5.2015.

What's new with EN ISO 14119?

The new standard distinguishes between four types of interlocking devices. New technologies are considered and their advantages and disadvantages listed. Measures are also identified to minimise defeat of interlocking devices in a reasonably foreseeable manner.

Be ready:

Ensure you comply now with the new EN ISO 14119 when designing safety gate systems. Then you won't face any last minute challenges at the end of the transition period.

By the way: All safety switches and safety gate systems from Pilz meet the specifications of the new standard.

Further information:

With safety switches and safety gate systems from Pilz, you're already on the safe side!

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