Feb 4, 2020


As you may be aware, on October 13, 2019, Pilz was hit with a cyberattack.

Pilz chose not to comply with the attacker’s demands because doing so would have rewarded their efforts and financed additional attacks on others. More importantly, we chose to stand strong to guarantee our data and the data of our customers wasn’t further compromised, potentially leaving us vulnerable to future attacks.

As a result, we immediately started a plan to simultaneously protect our customer data and rebuild our network. Because of these actions, we are happy to report that none of our customer data was compromised, however data recovery is still being carried out. 

Read our blog below on how Pilz employees did what it took to best serve our customers and and be stronger than ever for a successful 2020!

Operating in triage mode - By: Don Freitag, CMSE®, Sr. Sales Engineer

First impressions - By: Chris Ondik, Sr. Sales Engineer

Pitching in - By: Kendall Wagatha, Human Resources Manager

Pricing puzzle - By: Ryan Ashley, Sales Engineer

Working 'for' the customer - By: Ron Roepke, Sr. Application Engineer

Finishing the job - By: Steve Zaborowski, CMSE®, Application Engineer

Relationships are everything - By: Pat Morrissey, Sr. Sales Engineer

Internal communications - By: Kendall Wagatha, Human Resources Manager

Risk assessment re-do - By: Phil Herrick, CMSE®, Sr. Sales Engineer

The show must go on - By: John Kneynsberg, CMSE®, Business Development Manager

Engineering ingenuity - By: Paul Singer, Regional Sales Manager

Going old school - By: Randy Price, CMSE® Channel Sales Manager

It's all in the details - By: Lori Low, Operations Manager


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