Pitching in

By: Kendall Wagatha, Human Resources Manager

With our systems down and only one IT person in the US, I was able to pitch in to help out in this area, along with Sean Shelper (Technical Support), Brooke Smith (Administrative Assistant) and Nick Brown (Inside Sales Representative).  We helped Mike Pike (acting IT Manager) to copy user data, re-image the machines and get them ready for re-deployment.  We worked in our large training room with 65+ laptops so we could jump between machines to keep things moving as quickly as possible.  It was a giant waiting game for the copy/backup part but when we got to the re-imaging and re-deployment prep we were a well-oiled machine with each of us having a ‘specialty’ if you will.  I also had phone calls with just about every remote user and in-person sessions with local folks to set up email on Pilz cell phones & iPads – when we were able to do so.

I think (I hope!) that everyone saw others stepping out of their normal role/comfort zone to make things happen.  For example, I’m not good at IT.  But I was willing to follow Mike Pike's lead and click the buttons he told me to so computers could be ready to go when Germany gave us the green light.  I think the fact that so many Pilzlers put on a new hat shows how dedicated we are to each other and to this company to become #StrongerThanEver.

My time helping out in IT gave me a better understanding that will help me overall.  I’m not sure when or how, but exposure is how we learn and grow and I’m thankful for that opportunity!  Maybe it will help me if/when we post for a new IT help desk person.  Maybe it will help me when my personal computer goes off the rails… who knows.  I do know that this experience has made me a much stronger person - and not just with my newly-acquired IT skills.

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