Internal communications

By: Kendall Wagatha, Human Resources Manager

We had recently upgraded our Human Resource Information Systems, which came with features that allowed us to stay afloat!  Thanks to the tool, everyone had access to contact information for every other US-based Pilzler (cell phone & desk phone); many folks didn’t know that was a ‘thing’ until they were forced to used it.  Our HRIS also allowed us to easily complete Open Enrollment (benefit sign up).  Without this, I would have had to snail mail forms out & remote folks would have had to snail mail or fax them back… and I would have had to send hard copies or faxes to our supplier.  Not to mention we were able to maintain some ‘normalcy’ with things like PTO & Charity Time Off requests.  I knew our new HRIS was good, but I didn’t realize just how powerful it is until an event like our cyberattack forced us to use many of the features.

Since we were all forced to use our new Human Resource Information System a little more than we were used to, we all beginning to understand that it’s more than a PTO tracker.  I think that will really help us as we move forward, making us #StrongerThanEver.

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