Software tool PNOZmulti Configurator

The original safety circuit configuration tool for the small controllers PNOZmulti

Configure safety circuit for the small controllers PNOZmulti

Your safety circuit is easy to create on the PC using the PNOZmulti Configurator. The configuration tool supports you with project design, configuration, documentation and commissioning of the Pilz small controllers.

On the graphics-based, Windows®-compliant user interface, all elements are available for your safety circuit as icons or in selection menus. Online help with documentation is available during configuration of the safety circuit. Once this is complete, the tool checks the circuit for error sources.

From Software Version 10.9 of the PNOZmulti Configurator you can test your configured user program using the "Simulation" function, even before commissioning.

The fully configured safety circuit can be certified to protect it from unwanted changes. You can edit, amend or expand uncertified configurations of your safety circuit at any time. Simply call them up in the PNOZmulti Configurator! The configuration can be printed out and used as documentation.

Are you already familiar with the 2nd generation of small controllers PNOZmulti? The success story continues!

Software tool PNOZmulti Configurator – New full Version 11 available with no licence costs!

For the safe configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, Version 11.0 of the corresponding software tool PNOZmulti Configurator is now available. Download for free, install, open, work intuitively! The software tool offers you state-of-the-art safety and for years has been the benchmark for safety software.

Get the basics for automation free!

From Version 11 there is a significant change in terms of licensing: the "basic" functionality version of the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator is now available to use without licence costs. The software can be downloaded free of charge and used in automation projects. A licence fee is still payable for "Advanced" software elements.

Significant innovation in Version 11

  • "Basic" version has no licence costs
  • New, higher performance software architecture
  • Supports Windows 64 Bit system
  • Streamlining of the product range: all 2nd generation base units such as PNOZ m B0, PNOZ m B1, PNOZ m B1 Burner and the new base unit PNOZ m B0.1
  • All PNOZmulti 2 expansion modules, including the new relay output module PNOZ m EF 2DOR
  • For functionally safe operating mode monitoring, the new "MSO flex LED" element is available for configuration of LED outputs. The LED indicators can be individually adapted, enabling high flexibility of use.

Version 11 is used to create new PNOZmulti 2 projects and to open and edit existing PNOZmulti 2 projects. Powerflow, diagnostics, error stack etc. are available as usual for commissioning and maintenance.

Version 10.14 "long-term-supported" version (released July 2021)

  • Contains hardware from the product ranges PNOZmulti 2, PNOZmulti Classic and PNOZmulti Mini
  • This version can be used to migrate PNOZmulti Classic or Mini projects to PNOZmulti 2
  • Open, edit, create PNOZmulti Classic/Mini projects
  • New PNOZmulti 2 hardware will now only be supported from Version 11.0 and above

Download now! No licence costs - Version 11 PNOZmulti Configurator

Further information:

Flyer for safe small controllers PNOZmulti Configurator Version 11

Software tool PNOZmulti Configurator – One fits all

A user program is created using the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator, enabling you to monitor and control machinery safely with the small controllers PNOZmulti. Everything can be done in one software tool, from hardware selection and configuration of safety functions through to documentation and commissioning. User-friendly diagnostic solutions PVIS, based on OPC and OPC UA and in conjunction with the web-based visualisation software PASvisu, guarantee short downtimes. The software has a broad function and command range so that even large-scale projects can be implemented.

Each new version of the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator is examined by TÜV. Its safety in use is confirmed in a technical report. So as users you can be sure that the small controllers PNOZmulti will protect your staff and your machinery!

Download now: Free demo version of the PNOZmulti Configurator

TÜV certificate

Configure TÜV certificate for the small controllers PNOZmulti

Benefits at a glance

  • Software with ready-made, certified blocks
  • Simple, retrospective changes and adaptations to the configuration
  • Short machine downtimes and high plant availability due to simple, universal diagnostics
  • Worldwide safety standard for various automation environments and different communication systems
  • Rapid commissioning and minimal work involved in wiring - why not see for yourself!

Features at a glance

Configure rather than wire the safety circuit

  • Intuitive operation: creating your safety circuit is simple
  • Freely configurable: parameters for all inputs and outputs are easily set with a few clicks in the software tool
  • Use logic operators to link these to form a safety circuit via drag-and-drop
  • All function, logic and output elements are selected on the workspace

Automatic error check, protection against changes

  • Safe: the software tool checks the created safety circuit for error sources
  • Protected: you can certify the completed configuration, thereby protecting it from unwanted changes
  • Flexible: you can edit, amend or expand uncertified circuit diagrams at any time.
  • Simple: print out the circuit diagram configuration for documentation

Our product range: Software tool PNOZmulti Configurator

PNOZmulti Configurator licences

Purchase a licence key to benefits from the whole scope of the PNOZmulti Configurator: Various alternatives are available, from a basic licence to a project upgrade licence, based on your requirements.

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