Safety laser scanner PSENscan

Productive area monitoring – including in series!

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The safety laser scanner PSENscan offers two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees and a protected field range of up to 5.5 metres. Thanks to the free configuration of warning fields and protected fields, plus the ability to adapt to structural conditions, the safety laser scanners are ideal for integrating into the widest range of applications. The safety laser scanner PSENscan is especially suitable for stationary and mobile area guarding as well as access monitoring.

Use the PSENscan Configurator for fast, easy configuration of all the parameters required to operate your safety laser scanner PSENscan! When combined with configurable small controllers PNOZmulti or the controllers PSSuniversal, you have a complete, economical, one-stop solution.

Optimum protection for danger zones – with safety laser scanners

Stationary safeguarding of danger zones

Stationary safeguarding of danger zones

Safety laser scanners PSENscan detect when a person approaches a hazardous movement. If a warning field is accessed, there is controlled braking of the hazardous movement; if the protected field is accessed, the movement is stopped.

Video: Safeguarding of danger zones

Rear access protection

Rear access protection

Where it is difficult to see into danger zones, safety laser scanners PSENscan detect a person's current location. So they effectively prevent the hazardous movement from re-starting.

Video: Rear access protection

Access guarding

Access guarding

The safety laser scanners PSENscan provide optimum protection against people entering at access points to danger zones. Thanks to integrated muting inputs, they are also suitable for applications in which material is transported in and out simultaneously.

Video: Access guarding

Everything within view – Benefits of the safety laser scanner PSENscan

  • Easy to integrate due to compact housing and free configuration of the protected fields and warning fields
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to three separate safety zones, plus up to 70 switchable configurations can be set up
  • Up to 4 scanners can be connected in series
  • Integrated operating display for receiving information directly
Product picture, PSENscan close-up
PSENscan connected in series

Safety laser scanner PSENscan in series

  • Potential to save on wiring work thanks to master-encoder version
  • Simple, flexible handling thanks to a high resolution of 30, 40, 50, 70 and 150 mm
  • High availability with a comprehensive range of accessories, such as exchangeable head and memory module
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications as it can be used in an ambient temperature range of -10 to + 50 °C

Features of the safety laser scanner

  • Compliant and approved in accordance with EN IEC 61496-1 (Type 3), EN ISO 13849-1 (PL d/Cat. 3) and IEC 61508 (SIL 2)
  • Opening angle: 275 degrees
  • Operating range: 3 / 5.5 m safety zone, 40 m warning zone:
  • Reaction time: 62ms
  • Protection type: IP65
  • Simple configuration with the PSENscan Configurator
  • Additional functions for the Light, Master and Subscriber version: Muting, EDM, override
  • Additional functions for the Master version: Restart in accordance with EN ISO 61496-3, vertical applications
Opening angle of safety laser scanner

Flexible solution for your application

Safety laser scanners PSENscan guarantee productive area monitoring for your application – whether individually, in series connection or when devices are exchanged.
Possible to monitor up to 3 safety zones.

Industry use of the safety laser scanner

Monitoring of up to 3 safety zones

Simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 safety zones

With PSENscan you can monitor up to three safety zones simultaneously and independently. Only the plant section that is accessed by a person is stopped. As a result, safety distances on your plant can be optimised. This ensures increased productivity and improved ergonomics for your plant – and optimum safety.

Coding ensures an

Coding ensures an "interference-free environment"

Two safety laser scanners not connected in series can be operated flexibly at close proximity to each other, thanks to coding. This increases the availability of the plant and machinery and shortens the production time.

High availability thanks to fast replacement

High availability thanks to fast replacement

The safety laser scanners PSENscan have an exchangeable memory module. Should a device become damaged and another laser scanner is used (same model), the configuration is simply transferred to your new device.

Safeguarding automated guided vehicle systems AGVS

Further information

Our product range: Safety laser scanner

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

The safety laser scanner PSENscan offers two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees and a protected field range of up to 5.5 metres.

Accessories PSENscan

Perfectly tailored to the safety laser scanner PSENscan: compatible accessories for quick and easy installation.

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