myPNOZ Creator and myPNOZ modules

Innovative ordering process with myPNOZ Creator

In addition to the numerous clever product features, myPNOZ also impresses due to its innovative and extremely easy order process. From the individual creation in the logic editor, to simulation and extensive documentation, the online tool myPNOZ Creator offers a multitude of useful functions. Why not see for yourself!

myPNOZ Creator configurator


In the past, you had to browse through catalogues and compare product features to find the ideal solution for your applications. Now myPNOZ Creator takes care of this for you. The integrated logic editor allows you to define your required safety functions in no time at all, while myPNOZ Creator selects the ideal hardware.

So you can rest assured you’ll receive a safety relay myPNOZ that’s ideally customised to your requirements.

Simulation and validation

Once you’ve created your application, you can simulate it in myPNOZ Creator and thus verify the desired behaviour. myPNOZ Creator also automatically checks your composition for and displays logic errors.

To assist with subsequent wiring, an individual wiring diagram is available for your created myPNOZ.

Overview and shopping basket

Once you’re finished creating your myPNOZ, an overview of the hardware including the corresponding part numbers will be available in the shopping basket. With an individual type code, you can restore your project in myPNOZ Creator at any time.

You can also save your myPNOZ for editing at a later time or share it with others, like your colleagues for the final order, which is placed with a few quick clicks.


With every myPNOZ, you receive complete documentation for your records. The generated PDF file contains all the product-specific information you need, such as the system logic, the wiring diagram, the hardware used and – of course – the type code.

The documents can be used for safety audits and your internal documentation.

myPNOZ Creator – highlights

  • Creation by selecting the safety functions and links
  • Optimum hardware is determined by the system
  • Simulation of the application and verification of the system logic
  • Overview of all the modules’ and accessories’ part numbers
  • Complete documentation including wiring diagram and cause / effect table
  • Save and share using the type code

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myPNOZ flyer

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Once again, we’ve summed up everything you need to know about the modular safety relay myPNOZ in our flyer.

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myPNOZ expansion modules

myPNOZ modules

Find out more about the properties of the modules on the modular safety relay myPNOZ.

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Properties of the myPNOZ modules

In addition to ordering through myPNOZ Creator, we offer you the option of purchasing individual myPNOZ modules through our online shop in the usual way. This guarantees you maximum flexibility for replacement orders, expanding existing systems or ordering large volumes.
We’ve summed up all the important information about the myPNOZ modules and their properties for you here.

Each relay myPNOZ consists of a head module and at least one expansion module. A maximum of eight expansion modules can be attached. When selecting the expansion modules, you are free to choose from the available input modules, output modules and input / output modules. This flexible and modular design ensures that you only get and pay for the exact functions you need.

Head module (17.5 mm)

  • Contains the 24 VDC power supply for all expansion modules
  • Contains a higher-level safety function (e.g. emergency stop) that influences all output circuits within a myPNOZ

Output modules (17.5 mm)

  • Available with relay or semiconductor outputs and as time-delayed versions
  • A new safety zone is formed if an output module is followed by an input module

Input modules (12.5 mm)

  • Monitor two AND or OR-linked safety inputs
  • Versions for IIIA or IIIC (AND-linked) two-hand control monitoring available
  • Logic AND-linked with the higher-level safety function in the head module
  • Each input module influences the next output module
  • Within an input module, OR-linked safety inputs are always AND-linked with other safety inputs in the safety zone

Input/output modules (17.5 mm)

  • Monitor a single safety input
  • Available with relay or semiconductor outputs and as time-delayed versions

Product range

myPNOZ head module

Head module for the modular safety relay myPNOZ with an integrated power supply and higher-level safety function.

myPNOZ expansion modules

Input modules, output modules and input / output modules for the modular safety relay myPNOZ.

myPNOZ Creator

User-friendly myPNOZ Creator for creating your individual safety relay myPNOZ

myPNOZ accessories

Accessories for the modular safety relay myPNOZ, such as terminals and connectors.

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