Software platform PAS4000

PAS4000 – Simple configuration and programming

Software platform PAS4000

The software platform PAS4000 makes configuration and programming of the PSS 4000 automation system simple. PAS4000 comprises various editors and a multitude of software blocks. In PAS4000, the tools for configuration, programming, commissioning and operation are closely matched to each other. The data interfaces are standardised, making information easier to exchange in all phases of automation. This allows you to quickly and intuitively create programs for safety and automation functions.

The PSSuniversal PLC controllers can be programmed in PAS IL (instruction list), PAS STL (structured text) and PAS LD (ladder diagram) in accordance with EN/IEC 61131-3. The graphical program editor PASmulti is also available for simple configuration and programming of the PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi controllers. The program editor PASmulti allows you to create programs quickly, simply and intuitively. By means of drag and drop, you can freely configure e.g. inputs and outputs and link them using logic elements. Simple symbols and characters make this easier. Whether you are programming in the "IEC world" or configuring with PASmulti, the programming environment is the same, which makes handling extremely easy. Furthermore, PAS4000 contains a comprehensive language package. Tool texts, as well as tutorials, are available in eight languages.

Creating projects simply, quickly and intuitively – Benefits

  • Safety and automation in one system
  • Project generation for the PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi controllers
  • Graphical program editor PASmulti for configuration and structuring
  • Simple combination of PAS IL, PAS STL and PAS LD with PASmulti
  • Reduction in errors thanks to pre-defined, reusable blocks
  • Clearly structured project management
  • Licensing using the proven PASunits points system
  • Direct project linking between PAS4000 and your PASvisu project
Creating projects simply, quickly and intuitively

Programming made easy – Features of PAS4000

Features of PAS4000
  • Comprehensive library of safety-related and non-safety-related blocks
  • Interface for external application programming
  • Editors PAS STL, PAS IL, PAS LD classified as LVL (Limited Variability Languages) by the technical inspection body TÜV Süd in accordance with EN/IEC 61131-3
  • User-friendly online functionalities
  • Integrated system diagnostics
  • Online help directly in the tool
  • Available in eight languages (German, English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese)

Engineering software to minimise configuration work

The engineering software PAS4000 is characterised by user-friendliness and simple handling. Using PAS4000, you can program the PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi controllers of the automation system PSS 4000. The software has various editors and blocks and supports you in programming and configuring all automation functions – both non-safety-related and safety-related! It doesn't matter whether you want to program small machines or highly complex, interlinked plants: With PAS4000 it's refreshingly easy!

Engineering software to minimise configuration work

Simple programming using blocks

Simple programming using blocks

The comprehensive software library contains control blocks for PID controllers and for scaling input values. You can also use safe, TÜV-certified blocks for monitoring emergency-stop buttons, light guards, safety gate switches and so on. Blocks that you have generated yourself can – like the ready-made blocks – be used with PASmulti. By using blocks, you can also program more complex functions quickly and without error, because you can reuse the blocks as often as required. The PAS4000 software blocks can be found directly within the tool in the software library.

Licensing projects using PASunits

Licensing projects using PASunits

The various functions within the PAS4000 software are assigned a points value, known as PASunits. If you want to license your project, you pay in the project using the PASunits – according to the number and type of function blocks or network functions used. You can top up your points account with various PASunits packages in the software. When your order has been posted, you receive confirmation and a download link for the PASunits that you have purchased.


Our product range: Software platform PAS4000


The licensing model PASunits operates using points values, known as PASunits. PASunits for the functions used within the project are calculated and then debited from the software's points account. Various PASunits packages are available.


With the PASkey (robust USB crypto memory stick), you can simply transfer the PASunits and use them on various workstations.

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