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Human-robot collaboration. Safety guaranteed!

Human-robot collaboration

The closer man and machine work together, the more efficient work practices become. However, safe interaction between human and robot increasingly demands new technologies and solutions. Also, the demands on safety increase, the closer human and machine get to each other.

To verify the required safety level, the entire safety function must be considered – from the sensor to the logic and beyond to the actuator. Safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) can only be guaranteed when all these factors interact in a co-ordinated manner.

Services throughout the lifecycle of a robot system

Each robot application must be considered individually in terms of safety. Pilz provides support with a range of services tailored to the individual life phases of a robot system: from application analysis to risk assessment in accordance with EN ISO 12100, through to CE marking.

Our safety solutions meet the specifications of DIN EN ISO 10218-2 and ISO/TS 15066. And to complete the range of services, we have a range of training courses on robot safety.

Robot application

Focus on safety: Pilz components and systems

HRC application

Collision measurement set for standard-compliant human-robot collaboration

We'll provide you with support en route to a safe, standard-compliant robot application! In accordance with ISO/TS 15066 (body area model), in an HRC application where there are no safety fences, limit values in the event of a possible collision must be taken into consideration. If the application remains within these limits during contact between human and robot, it conforms to the standard. The relevant measurements must be taken for each HRC application, therefore.

The collision measurement set PROBms measures the force and pressure that result from a potential collision between human and robot. So PROBms is used to validate human-robot collaboration.

Area monitoring with safety laser scanners and pressure-sensitive safety mats

For area monitoring of human-robot workstations without safety fences, the safety laser scanner PSENscan and the pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat are the ideal choice. Should anyone enter the action radius of the hazardous movement, the robot's movement is braked or stopped in a controlled manner.


Zone monitoring with safe camera systems

With the safe 3D camera system SafetyEYE, guard-free workspaces, which are shared by human and machine, can be monitored safely. SafetyEYE identifies when there are people within the robot's action radius or when anyone has accessed a zone with an increased safety level. In this case the robot's movements will be slowed down or stopped.


Sensor and control technology suitable for a robot application

Of course we can also support you with safe control systems and safe sensor technology as you work towards a safe robot. Find out more about our wide range of products!

Safe sensor technology PSEN

Pilz is your partner for the safe automation of your robot application

HRC Application
  • A portfolio of services that are tailored to the individual life cycle of a robot system, from process analysis to risk assessment and CE marking
  • Safety solutions compliant with standards such as DIN EN ISO 10218-2 and ISO/TS 15066
  • Collision measurement in accordance with the limit values of ISO/TS 15066
  • Training in the requirements for robot safety
  • Safe control systems, drive technology and sensor technology, such as the safe camera system SafetyEYE for zone monitoring and the protection of detection zones
  • Active co-operation in international standards committees for safe human-robot collaboration
  • Co-operation with leading research centres


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