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Coded, non-contact safety switch PSENcode

Safety switches for safety gate and position monitoring

Coded, non-contact safety switch PSENcode

PSENcode devices are used to monitor the position of guards in accordance with EN 60947-5-3 and for general position monitoring. Thanks to the integrated evaluation and the standard interfaces, PSENcode is open to products from other manufacturers. The coded safety switch thus fits perfectly into your environment and can be used to upgrade your plant!

Combine the PSENcode with Safety Device Diagnostics and evaluate comprehensive diagnostic data to avoid service operations and reduce downtimes!

PSENcode for safety gate monitoring

For safety gate monitoring, PSENcode – whether in the narrow, compact or large design – offers the highest level of manipulation protection thanks to RFID technology. In the unique, fully coded version, there is only one single actuator that the sensor accepts (key lock principle). Thanks to a series connection with other sensors such as PSENcode, PSENini, PSENslock, PSENsgate up to PL e of EN/ISO 13849-1, you have a solution that's really economical but also safe!

PSENcode for position monitoring

One version of the coded safety switch PSEN csx.19 is suitable for safe position monitoring. PSENcode undertakes safe monitoring of up to three positions;the sensor is also able to distinguish between them. Diagnostics are quick and user-friendly via LED display – whether you use the compact or the large design. Thanks to the connection type (M12 connector, 5-pin), the new PSENcode fits perfectly into any system environment!

Highest level of manipulation in the smallest space – Benefits to you

  • Highest level of safety and plant availability
  • Highest manipulation protection
  • Versatile to use and flexible installation
  • Insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Space-saving installation due to the compact housing
  • Clear LED display for rapid diagnostics
  • Safe, complete solution when combined with Pilz control technology

Common features of the coded safety switches

Common features of the coded safety switches
  • Mode of operation: RFID transponder technology (non-magnetic action principle)
  • Diagnostic interface: 3 LEDs
  • Designs: narrow, compact or large
  • Outputs: 2 safety outputs
  • Inputs: 2 safety inputs
  • Protection type: IP67 / IPK69K
  • Coding of PSENcode for safety gate monitoring: coded, fully coded, uniquely fully coded
  • Coding of PSENcode for position monitoring: coded

Position and safety gate monitoring with the non-contact sensors PSENcode

The coded safety switch has various applications, depending on version: from classic machine tool manufacturing to robot applications. PSENcode devices are used either for safety gate monitoring or to safely monitor up to three positions.

Position and safety gate monitoring with the non-contact sensors PSENcode

Industry uses of the coded safety switches

Our product range: Coded safety switches PSENcode

PSENcode – Compact design

Use the small coded safety switch for safety gate monitoring with the highest level of manipulation protection. Use PSEN cs3.19n for safe position monitoring with up to three actuators.

PSENcode – Slimline design

The coded safety switch PSENcode in the slimline design is used for safety gate monitoring. It is flexible to use, with several directions of actuation and switching distances.

PSENcode – Large design

Select the right version of large-design PSENcode for you, for secure safety gate monitoring! PSEN cs1.19n is suitable for position monitoring with up to three actuators.

Accessories PSENcode

Everything you need to custom connect PSENcode to control technology is available from one source – connectors, cables and additional accessories.


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