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Operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode

Safety and security functions in one system

The operating mode selection and access permission system combines safety and security functions in one system. The devices enable functionally safe operating mode selection and the regulation of access permission on plant and machinery.

PITmode devices can be used on plant and machinery in which you must switch between a range of control sequences and operating modes. Coded transponder keys with RFID technology can be used to assign each employee the machine enables and permissions that suit his abilities. The safe evaluation unit detects the specified operating mode such as automatic, manual access under restricted conditions or service mode, evaluates it and provides functionally safe switching. This prevents misuse and manipulation, while protecting human and machine.

Overview of PITmode models

PITmode fusion – the modular operating mode selection system

PITmode fusion is the modular version of the operating mode selection system. It consists of the PITreader reading unit with RFID technology and a separate evaluation unit (Safe Evaluation Unit - SEU). The transponder keys are read and taught in the PITreader. The safe evaluation unit evaluates the selected operating mode to provide functionally safe switching between up to five operating modes. Safe permission management can also be solved comprehensively with PITmode fusion. By separating the components, PITmode can be integrated flexibly into the design of existing control consoles and can be combined with existing pushbuttons.

Operating mode selection system PITmode fusion
Access permission system PITreader

PITreader – regulates access permission

With PITreader you can implement tasks regarding access permissions for plant and machinery. The options range from a simple enable and authentication of specific machine component functions to a complex hierarchical permission matrix. PITreader with RFID technology is flexible as a standalone device or it can be used in conjunction with a Pilz controller. The transponder keys are available in a freely writeable version and also with fixed, stored permissions. For manipulation protection the RFID keys can be coded with PITreaders with company-specific programming.

PITmode – the compact all-in-one device

With the compact all-in-one device PITmode the pushbuttons for operating mode selection and the safe evaluation unit are integrated in one device. Operating mode and permission are displayed safely via LED. The individual key coding prevents manipulation. The operating mode selector switch is also perfect for international use with pictograms for machines tools.

PITmode operating mode selection

Benefits of the operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode

  • Functionally safe switching of the operating mode through self-monitoring up to PL d
  • Regulation of access permissions
  • High manipulation protection through company-specific coding
  • Integrated web server for configuration of PITreader and transponder keys
  • Read/write and data storage on key
  • Teaching of transponder keys on the PITreader via coding
  • Locking data areas on the key
  • Preinstalled group-based permission management
  • Integral user management
  • Multicolour LED ring for user information

Our product range: Operating mode selector switch PITmode

Operating mode selector switch PITmode

The operating mode selector switch PITmode enables the operating mode to be switched safely and access authorisation to be controlled – all in one unit.


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