Fieldbus and Ethernet systems

For powerful networks!

Fieldbus and Ethernet systems

With fieldbus and Ethernet systems you increase the efficiency on extended plants with distributed control logic. You can clearly structure the systems or connect several networks to each other.

With the appropriate components you can implement the widest range of automation architectures. Components are also available to enable communication between the controllers in the automation system PSS4000, for example. These components also regulate communication between third-party controllers that are connected to various fieldbus systems.

On the safe side with SecurityBridge

When humans, machines and industrial processes are networked intelligently they are also more susceptible to attack. So how do you protect your controllers against manipulation? The SecurityBridge firewall provides comprehensive protection for industrial automation networks. So espionage and manipulation don't stand a chance, and you guarantee the safety of your staff and the availability of your machines!


Our product range: Fieldbus and Ethernet systems


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