Brake control devices

Safety relay PNOZ s50 for safe brake control

Safety relay PNOZ s50

Applications with safety brakes and holding brakes require reliable brake monitoring. This eliminates all potential hazards for the user – even when the drive is in a de-energised state. With the stand-alone safety relay PNOZ s50, Pilz is offering an economical solution for controlling two safety brakes up to category PL e of EN ISO 13849-1.

On the safety relay PNOZ s50, temporary overexcitation is followed by voltage reduction, for which parameters can be set. The resulting short ventilation times help to make your application more energy-efficient. On the one hand, safe brake control enables rapid switching in emergency situations. On the other hand, it ensures slow, low-wearing switching in normal operation, thereby reducing maintenance requirements.

Safe and contactless braking – Your benefits

  • Maximum safety up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 when two brakes are activated (holding brakes or safety brakes)
  • Contactless technology with up to 4.5 A per safety brake enables short reaction times and a sustainable solution
  • Wear-free braking
  • High safety and low wear on the brake thanks to fast or slow shutdown of the power circuits
  • Rapid diagnostics by means of display
  • Manufacturer-independent brake control thanks to safe, digital inputs

Features of safety relay PNOZ s50

Features of safety relay PNOZ s50
  • Simple menu navigation using a rotary knob
  • Setting parameters and diagnostic messages shown on the display
  • Safety relay with two 2-pin, safe electronic digital outputs for 24 V DC, each with 4.5 A
  • Reduced cycle times through temporary overexcitation with subsequent voltage reduction

Application on gravity-loaded axes

The safety relay PNOZ s50 can be used in many application areas to safely control brakes. For example, in stage technology; on machine tools; on press brakes; on packaging machines; in test stand technology; in materials handling technology or in energy and environmental technology.

Machines with Z-axes

The following machines have Z-axes, for example:

  • Loading and unloading gantries
  • Palletisers
  • Milling machines
  • Robot axes
  • Lifting devices
  • Machines with valves/pneumatics/hydraulics
  • Winches
Application on gravity-loaded axes

Application in stage technology on winches

In some applications, it is necessary to safeguard a second brake alongside the holding brake. In the field of stage technology, for example, winches are operated with a dual brake. The PNOZ s50 can control two powerful brakes safely without the use of contacts.

Application in stage technology on winches

Application on scissor tables

Scissor tables are lifting devices with gravity-loaded axes. They are used during final assembly in automotive production, for example. When employees are working on vertical axes, various requirements from the Machinery Directive apply.

Application on scissor tables

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