Servo motors PMCtendo

Servo motors for dynamic and precision movements

Servo motors PMCtendo

Whether you require excellent synchronisation properties or high dynamics – we have the right servo motor for your motion tasks.

In addition to fast commissioning you also benefit from compact dimensions and high performance. As such the servo motors are suitable for a wide range of application areas. In conjunction with our servo amplifiers and our motion control system PMCprimo, you have a complete solution.

We also offer a wide range of types and accessories for servo motors. From gear units to individually customised cables and connection types, through to appropriate feedback systems for the application.

Servo motors PMCtendo SZ

With the servo motors PMCtendo SZ you have the right motors for the servo amplifiers PMCprotego D. The motors' compact housing dimensions, low cogging torques and high dynamics are convincing features. As such they are particularly suitable for on-board axes and for installation in confined spaces, enabling a constantly high process quality.

Servo motors PMC EZ

The servo motors PMC EZ are suitable for use with the multi-axis system PMC SI6 and the compact system PMC SC6. Benefit from the compact design – particularly when used in space-critical applications – and high performance. Our servo motors PMC EZ are also available as a version with just one shared power and encoder interface (one cable solution).

Unrivalled benefits with the servo motor PMCtendo

  • Powerful and robust for a wide range of different application areas
  • Various sizes and special versions with external fans and water cooling
  • Fast commissioning thanks to automatic parameter setting

Features of PMCtendo servo motors

Features of PMCtendo servo motors
  • Short overall length and low weight (owing to extremely high power density)
  • Can be installed in confined spaces and used with on-board axes
  • High process quality due to the precise motor synchronisation (as a result of the low cogging torques)


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