Sell safety!

Pilz authorised distributors are companies authorised by Pilz to sell the Pilz product and system portfolio.

Pilz authorised distributors

Pilz authorised distributors offer the Pilz product and system range to satisfy your individual customer requirements. They are your partner operating locally or just a click away.

Our distributors always keep an extensive range of Pilz components in stock. With years of logistics experience, they guarantee fast availability and immediate delivery. They are your competent supplier, including for industry and application-specific requirements.

Find an authorised distributor

Sell safety! That’s the motto for our worldwide network of authorised distributors. They support and sell the Pilz product and system portfolio, working with us in close cooperation.

Our distributors are experienced online wholesalers, technical distributors or agents.

They are always up to date with all Pilz products, including technical documentation for all products and systems


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