Machinery Safety in the Automotive Sector

Your requirements for machinery safety

Machinery Safety in the Automotive Sector

Of critical importance in the automotive sector are the need for cost effective production and machinery safety existing in harmony. Production processes including press plants, robotic welding, paint finishing systems or assembly lines create differing requirements for machinery safety. The challenge is to integrate the safety requirements and to guarantee high efficiency and availability in equipment.


Our experience in machinery safety

Using our tried and tested methodologies and unrivalled experience in this sector, we help manufacturers worldwide to achieve and maintain machine safety goals, taking local as well as international legislation into account. Our machinery safety service facilities:

  • Increasing productivity through strategic implementation of machinery safety
  • Safe application of robot cells, compression moulding, machining centres and transport systems by means of our risk assessment, safety concept and safety validation
  • Verifying compliance of new machines and production lines traceable to international standards such as ISO 10218-1, ANSI B-11 series or ISO 16092

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