Servo amplifiers

Servo amplifiers – the converters that control everything for you

Servo amplifiers PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD

Use the modern servo amplifiers from Pilz as drive controllers for operating the widest range of motor technologies. That way you can operate all common motors, from servo motors to asynchronous and linear motors. The same applies to rotary direct drives, servo linear actuators and applications with special motors.

Servo amplifiers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6

With the servo amplifiers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6 you benefit from flexible, combinable drive controllers in a compact design. Fast commissioning is achieved quite simply via the electronic motor nameplate. The drive controllers can be connected via all common communication protocols. With PMC SI6 you have a scalable multi-axis solution, which is particularly suitable for use in large plant and machinery from four axes upwards.

The PMC SC6, in contrast, is an expandable stand-alone solution, which is ideal for use on compact plant and machinery.

Servo amplifiers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6

Servo amplifier PMCprotego D

Use the servo amplifier PMCprotego D as a drive controller whenever maximum flexibility and safety are required. It supports all the relevant fieldbus systems, feedback devices and motor types and is easy to integrate into existing system environments. This guarantees openness towards standard market systems.

Even the basic version contains the "safe torque off (STO)" function. The servo amplifier enables drive-integrated safety functions up to PL e with each piece of feedback, irrespective of the encoder type. Thanks to the digital motor feedback protocol HIPERFACE DSL®, PMCprotego D requires a minimum of wiring work.

Servo amplifier PMCprotego D

Compelling benefits of servo amplifiers

  • Flexible reaction to format changes and implementation of higher cycle counts thanks to modern servo technology
  • Greater availability of your machine, thereby avoiding downtimes
  • Optimum energy balance thanks to intermediate circuit connection with intelligent ballast circuit, no need for external ballast circuits
  • Individual consultation and customer care from drive configuration to commissioning
Compelling benefits of servo amplifiers

Features of servo amplifiers

Features of servo amplifiers
  • Open hardware and software architecture
  • Quick and easy to learn how to use, clear project documentation thanks to user-friendly, clearly structured user software
  • Universal voltage range from 230 to 480 V (+/- 10 %)
  • Servo amplifiers have a wide range of different interfaces
  • Wide range of drive and status enquiry options makes for easier incorporation into the machine concept
  • Precise positioning and highly dynamic control via resolvers or high-resolution encoders
  • Fast commissioning and diagnostics by means of servo amplifiers

Servo amplifiers for every application

Use the servo amplifier to supply your motor with the power needed to drive it. But it can do so much more than that:

  • Positioning (controlled from bus or via inputs)
  • Travel between various positioning points
  • Speed control
  • Torque control
  • Electric gear function
  • Machine tools
  • Packaging machines
  • Printing machinery
  • Paper production
  • Filling
  • Handling/robotics
  • Machine tools
  • Pick & place
  • Test rigs
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Special applications for servo amplifiers (e.g. strapping or welding guns)
Servo amplifiers for every application


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