Risk assessment of machinery

Systematic hazard evaluation

The first step to machinery safety: Risk assessment

With a risk assessment that’s tailored to your individual requirements and carried out systematically in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Pilz provides you with the most important foundation for defining safety measures and guaranteeing machinery safety.

Your requirements

Tailored to your individual requirements: our risk assessment in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Combine legal and individual requirements

For the risk assessment of plant and machinery, operators and manufacturers require a concept that meets the specifications of national legislation as well as international directives and standards. A practical, structured and targeted assessment of your plant and machinery is needed to achieve this.

On your side from the start

Our experienced specialists develop the basis for a risk assessment that's tailored to the specific requirements of your machines. We always work in compliance with your company policy, your internal procedures and your operative requirements.

Our services

We work with you to undertake a technical inspection of your machinery in accordance with the applicable national and/or international standards and directives. Safety measures for the machine can then be defined, prioritised and implemented, based on the information that has been determined.

Pilz's risk assessment (of machinery) includes:

  • Determination of the applicable standards, regulations and procedures
  • Description of the machine’s limits
  • Inspection of your machine in accordance with the applicable national and international standards
  • Determination and assessment of existing hazards
  • Examination of the hazards in all relevant phases of the machine lifecycle
  • Estimation and assessment of the risk
  • Recommended procedure to reduce the risk
We work with you to carry out a technical inspection of your machinery.

Your benefits at a glance

With a systematic risk assessment that’s produced for your individual requirements, you can identify and reduce the existing hazards to which your staff are exposed during operation or maintenance. And you lay the foundation for comprehensive safety on your production plant:

  • Effective and economical risk assessment
  • You extend the service life of your machinery using early hazard detection
  • You guarantee compliance with the Machinery Directive in accordance with applicable standards and directives
  • You save time and money while integrating appropriate safety measures

Your next steps en route to machinery safety


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