Going old school

By: Randy Price, CMSE® Channel Sales Manager

On Monday morning, October 14th, I was driving about 4-1/2 hours to do a Kick Off Meeting with the Senior Management and the Industrial Sales group of the newest Pilz Authorized Distributor, who also happens to be one of the largest in the country. I had my PowerPoint presentation all laid out was ready to dazzle them with all that Pilz has to offer when my mobile phone rings and my manager tells me not to even turn on my laptop! He then explains the full extent of the attack which totally blew my whole presentation out of the water.

I decided that I would just handle the presentation old school - with my catalogs and demo cases. I brought in a case of literature and three big cases full of hardware and started to set up. One of the administrative assistants asked me if I needed to connect to their flat screen and I told her “No, I’d prefer to do this with hands on.”

I went thru the entire product and services capabilities with lots of interaction with all attendees and they stayed involved for a full two hours. As I packed up, the Vice President came over to tell me “You did good, most reps come in here and start going thru Powerpoints and put everyone to sleep. You really kept our attention.”

Even after the capability to do PowerPoints was restored, I have not done one for this distributor at any of their many branches.

Yet another way this cyberattack has made Pilz better and stronger than ever.

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