Engineering ingenuity

By: Paul Singer, Regional Sales Manager

In the midst of us digging out from the attack, a customer called needing programming support on their machine that was running an older version of our PNOZ Multi software. Since the machine was recently inherited from another company, the customer had no access to any of the software licenses. Pilz had limited resources at the time and I couldn’t obtain a Multi Programming license either. I called another Pilz customer and asked if they could send me a copy of their Multi license and they agreed. Once we received the picture of their license, we were able to install it on a clean computer, activate the software and proceed with the service call to get the customer running.

Since this was a problem we have never encountered before - our inability to obtain a license for our own software - we didn’t have a formula to apply nor did we have steps to follow to make this happen. But we didn’t let that stand in our way! The solution was a combination of Engineering ingenuity, customer cooperation, and people working together. Simple, really.

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