First impressions

By: Chris Ondik, Sr. Sales Engineer

During the cyberattack, one of my customers placed their very first order with us. The order was for four of our 3-pushbutton PITgateboxes. We didn’t have any of these products in stock and it was looking like the customer may have to wait a couple months before we could get the products to ship. I called Alex Smith (CMSE®, Sr. Sales Engineer) since he had been helping me with this customer.  Each of our US sales engineers had a PITgatebox as a demo, so we decided to see if we could get four of these demos together to send to the customer. Alex called around and was able to get the four 3-pushbutton versions of the PITgatebox we needed and mailed them to me that same week. I then hand delivered all the units to the engineer who was in charge of the project.

The customer indicated they would wait if they had to, but they were ecstatic when I called to say I’d be delivering all four PITgateboxes the next day.  This meant they were able to stay on time and the project went off great.

The customer just placed a larger order for another project and they are having us come in to do a full product line demo so they can use even more Pilz going forward.

First impressions make a difference.

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