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Simple, flexible, safe – PNOZmulti

Are you aware of the diverse application options of the configurable control systems? Click on the video and prepare to smile!

The configurable control systems PNOZmulti are used to implement multiple safety functions on plant or machinery. The system's characteristics include high flexibility, detailed diagnostic options and a simple configuration tool.

Lightning-fast configuration

Safety functions are created quickly and simply using the PNOZmulti Configurator. This intuitive software tool impresses with its wide range of software blocks and simple operation.

Flexible application

With a connection to all common communication networks, PNOZmulti can be used irrespective of the higher level operational control system and therefore provides maximum flexibility. A variety of expansion modules, such as safe speed and standstill monitors or link modules, complete the system.

Simple diagnostics

The configurable control system PNOZmulti also provides simple, flexible diagnostics. Error messages can be displayed in a number of formats. In practice this means reduced machine downtimes and high plant availability.

PNOZmulti - the worldwide safety standard for all machine types!

Find out more about the configurable control systems PNOZmulti and their flexible application: Click on the videos and prepare to smile!

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Simple, flexible, safe! Configurable control systems PNOZmulti

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