Safety light curtains

For ideal access protection

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With our safety light curtains PSENopt and PSENopt II, you can protect your staff and capital goods – safely, efficiently and economically. An invisible infra-red protected field protects the danger zones and enables optimum access protection. Ideal for production processes requiring active intervention.

Benefit from a wide selection of safety light curtains, complete solutions in combination with Pilz safety controllers and our sound, long-standing expertise in the field of safe automation.

Safety light curtains for safe intervention in the production process

Specifically designed for applications in which material is regularly transported in and out, or where the access point is directly at the danger zone, electrosensitive protective equipment such as safety light curtains enable both safe and flexible intervention in the production process.

Installed on access and intervention points, the safety light curtains PSENopt / PSENopt II monitor the danger zone. If there is a person or object in the protected field, the light beam is broken and a safe shutdown command is triggered immediately. Using the LEDs, the operator can evaluate the main causes of the machine stop and thereby avoid downtimes. Functions such as muting, blanking and cascading open up a wide range of application options.

Pilz light curtains are therefore suitable for numerous industries and applications, such as manual workstations, access guarding on conveyors or material handling alongside robots.

Benefits of our safety light curtains

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  • Safe, barrier-free access
  • Increased productivity due to reduced downtimes
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Protected fields can be individually configured
  • User-friendly diagnostics via LEDs

High level of productivity and safety

  • Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 light curtains approved in accordance with EN IEC 61496-1/-2
  • Finger, hand and body protection up to PL e
  • Space-saving thanks to short reaction times and compact design
  • Variable lengths of 150 to 1800 mm
  • Economical, complete solution with safe control technology
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Your safe, complete solution with Pilz safety light curtains

Combine the safety light curtain PSENopt (II) with our safe small controller PNOZmulti 2. On PNOZmulti 2, diagnostic messages can be activated with just a few clicks. PNOZmulti 2 can also be connected to all common communication and automation environments.
Our Pilz safety experts can provide support with your plant integration, for example with risk assessment and declaration of conformities, and with a wide-ranging training offer.

Product picture, PNOZmulti and PSENopt

Safety light curtains for finger, hand and body protection

From safety light barriers for body protection to the safety light curtain for finger protection, the product series PSENopt and PSENopt II cover the complete portfolio. Whether for space-critical applications or expanded functionalities such as muting, blanking or cascading: Pilz offers the right safety light curtains for your requirement.

  • Wide-ranging functions such as feedback loop monitoring, reset, acknowledgement and diagnostics
  • Increased safety thanks to the absence of dead zones
  • Expanded applications with muting, blanking, cascading
  • Simple, fast assembly options with the appropriate assembly kits
Product picture, PSENopt
Product picture, PSENopt II
Product picture, photoelectric sensor

PSENopt – High flexibility for individual requirements

The safety light curtains in the PSENopt series are ideal for use on machines where intervention is required as part of each cycle and they can be used for applications up to PL c (Type 2) and PL e (Type 4). In addition to the Basic light curtains, the PSENopt Advanced safety light curtains offer expanded functionalities such as muting, blanking and cascading. The slimline safety light curtains PSENopt slim have an integrated cascading function and are available for space-critical applications.

PSENopt II – Maximum safety in rugged industrial environments

Flexible application options, fast installation, absence of dead zones and shock resistance of 50g mean that PSENopt II are ideal for use in a rugged everyday industrial environment – even in extreme cold (up to -25°C) or dusty production environments. As well as the first Type 3 safety light curtains, which are suitable specifically for applications up to PL d, you also have Type 4 versions. With their 5-pin connector, they can be connected directly to the decentralised modules PDP67. There are no limits to the physical arrangement of the safety light curtains: thanks to coding, you can even position the light curtain sensors physically close to one another.

Photoelectric sensor – Reliable object detection

The photoelectric proximity sensors enable reliable object detection of a variety of packaging materials. In combination with our safe control technology, you can safely monitor the cardboard feed.

More information

Need help with the risk assessment on your machine? Our safety experts can provide support with your individual safety concept, including risk analysis, CE marking or inspection of your plant, plus a wide range of helpful training offers.

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