Software Design

Software Design: Your Needs

To optimise your automation solution you need an engineering company that can deliver a software platform that is robust in performance, highly structured but easily configurable. 

Software Design: Our Approach

We develop the full software package in-house from start to finish. Our software team is fully integrated into the project from the early stages so as to fully understand your requirements and your equipment. This ensures that the software is developed and structured in accordance with your equipment and production stages using easily understandable tagging and commentary.

We will develop PLC code and SCADA/HMI packages that provide clarity, structure and supporting documentation. Robustness is a critical parameter for our software. If a machine or process stops, our code will be developed to ensure you know why the process has stopped. We believe that software solutions should provide clear diagnostic functions so that faults are readily identified by users without specialist knowledge.

Software Design: What We Do

Whether you want a full GAMP package or a simple PLC program we have the in-house expertise to deliver. Our team will:

  • Develop software program and configuration
  • Generate network architectures and hardware configuration
  • Apply the full V- model (or related sections as required)
  • Full protection of code
  • Versioning and change control
  • Visualisation (HMI, SCADA etc)
  • Network communications
  • Drives, field device setup and programming

Software Design: Your Benefit

You will have a fully structured and fully documented software platform, that ensures consistent robust performance for your automation solution.


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Telephone: +64 9 6345350


Telephone: +64 9 6345350