Software tool PNOZmulti Configurator

The original safety circuit configuration tool for the small controllers PNOZmulti

Configure safety circuit for the small controllers PNOZmulti

Your safety circuit is easy to create on the PC using the PNOZmulti Configurator. The configuration tool provides support with the project design, configuration, documentation and commissioning of the small controllers from Pilz.

On the graphics-based, Windows®-compliant user interface, all elements for your safety circuit are available as icons or in selection menus. Online help with documentation is available during configuration of the safety circuit. Once this is complete, the tool checks the circuit for error sources.

From Software Version 10.9 of the PNOZmulti Configurator you can test your configured user program using the "Simulation" function, even before commissioning.

The fully configured safety circuit can be certified to protect it from unwanted changes. You can edit, amend or expand uncertified configurations of your safety circuit at any time. Simply call them up in the PNOZmulti Configurator! The configuration can be printed out and used as documentation.

Are you familiar with the 2nd generation of small controllers PNOZmulti? The success story continues!

Software PNOZmulti Configurator – What’s new in Version 11.3

Laser scanner function blocks for PSENscan, motion monitoring for AGVS

From software version 11.3.0, new blocks provide for the most secure und flexible monitoring of the:

The zone selection function block enables productive solutions for stationary and mobile danger zone safeguarding in conjunction with the safety laser scanner PSENscan, used to monitor 2D zones. In this way, for example, it is possible to monitor open robot cells safely, or also guarantee efficient processes in a logistics or production environment.

Motion monitoring software blocks for safe synchronisation monitoring, for example, plus three others for safe position monitoring (Safe Position Comparison, Safe Position Range and Safe Position Monitoring), are available for monitoring automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS). They are used in conjunction with the safe motion monitoring modules PNOZmulti 2.

– With safe synchronisation monitoring, two axes are compared – a comparison is possible based on higher, lower or same speed. Tolerance windows can be defined in the software tool, enabling an even more flexible application. PNOZ m EF 2MM is the module of choice in this regard. Safe detection of anomalies in the synchronisation of two axes protects human and machine. Also, synchronous operation can be monitored on synchronous axes. Safe path detection is enabled by monitoring and comparing the two drive axes on an AGVS.

– When safe position monitoring is used, the position and position range of an axis can be monitored. The modules PNOZ m EF 1MM/2MM/1MM 2DO can be used for this purpose. The steering axis and current position of an axis can be monitored safely once a reference marker to detect the zero point has been set.

Hardware – Perfectly tailored to the application:

  • The input module PNOZ m ES 16DI has 16 digital inputs and monitors standard applications.
  • The communication module PNOZ m EF EtherCAT FSoE enables safe data transfer with Safety over EtherCAT in conjunction with the base unit PNOZ m B1. PNOZmulti 2 can be used as FSoE Master, FSoE Slave or EtherCAT Slave.
  • Decentralised input and output modules PDP67 F 10DI4DO (VA) forward signals from the connected sensors to the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2. New features are the four safe semiconductor outputs on the PDP67, which enable safe sensor technology such as the modular safety gate system PSENmlock to be connected directly to the PNOZmulti 2 via cable. Up to four of the modules with protection type IP67 can be connected to the PNOZmulti 2 via the link module PNOZ m EF PDP-Link. Up to four safe sensors per PDP67 module - a total of up to 64 sensors - can be monitored flexibly in the field in this way. A version with stainless steel screw connections is available, for use in the food industry for example. M12 plug-in connectors link sensors and actuators quickly and easily to the PDP67 module. Complicated wiring is avoided. That reduces costs when expanding and commissioning modular production plants.

Your application advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility due to the module program configuration
  • Safe solutions for stationary and mobile danger zone safeguarding with the laser scanner PSENscan
  • Parameters for motion monitoring safety functions are easily set via software, for the safe monitoring of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS)
  • Software tool can be used free of licensing costs

Download now! No licence costs - Version 11.3 PNOZmulti Configurator

Software PNOZmulti Configurator – What’s new in Version 11.2

These are the new features you'll find in Version 11.2.0:

  • Key-in-pocket solution:

For maintenance safeguarding and to protect against unauthorised restart, combine the small controllers PNOZmulti 2 and reader units PITreader with RFID technology. Three new function elements in the software tool enable you to implement safe access and restart management for plant and machinery. All keys that are logged in are stored in a list in the user program. A machine is not enabled to restart until all keys are signed out. Manipulation is excluded, as the key is not permitted to remain in the PITreader, either when accessing or leaving the plant. The blind spot element requires areas of the plant that are not in view to be inspected prior to any restart. In this way you can provide flexible safeguarding of service operations on your plant and machinery. You can sign in and out at any door and thus save time, particularly on larger plants.

  • Standalone base unit PNOZ m C0 with security key:

The planned new Machinery Regulation (successor to the Machinery Directive) requires security mechanisms that prevent access to device data. Security features are already accounted for in the PNOZ m C0. So PNOZmulti 2 is well equipped for the future.

  • Monitor analogue values safely:

Two new function elements are available for the safe analogue input module PNOZ m EF 4AI, when configuring the module program. The differentiation element detects a change of the analogue value over a certain period. The “ramp” element is used if you wish to monitor whether a value moves within defined upper and lower limits. If a value exceeds or falls below these limits – plus a tolerance – PNOZmulti 2 initiates appropriate remedial measures. Whether you are monitoring fill level, temperature, pressure, speed or other values - your processes are safe.

  • Up to 84 standard outputs on the base unit PNOZ m B1:

You can connect up to 6 output modules PNOZ m ES 14 DO to the base unit PNOZ m B1. So you can activate indicator lights, signal lamps, illuminated pushbuttons and many other standard tasks, economically.

Software tool PNOZmulti Configurator – Full Version 11 available free of licence costs!

For the safe configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, Version 11.0 of the corresponding software tool PNOZmulti Configurator is available. Download for free, install, open, work intuitively! The software tool offers you state-of-the-art safety and for years has been the benchmark for safety software.

Get the basics for automation free!

From Version 11 there is a significant change in terms of licensing: you can now use the "basic" functionality of the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator without any licence costs. The software can be downloaded free of charge and used in automation projects. A licence fee is still payable for “Advanced” software elements.

Major innovation in Version 11

  • “Basic” version has no licence costs
  • New, higher performance software architecture
  • Supports Windows 64-bit system
  • Streamlining of the product range: all 2nd generation base units such as PNOZ m B0, PNOZ m B1, PNOZ m B1 Burner as well as the new base unit PNOZ m B0.1
  • All PNOZmulti 2 expansion modules

Version 11 is used to create new PNOZmulti 2 projects and to open and edit existing PNOZmulti 2 projects. Powerflow, diagnostics, error stack etc. are available as usual for commissioning and maintenance.

Version 10.14 “long-term-supported” version (released July 2021)

  • Contains hardware from the PNOZmulti 2, PNOZmulti Classic and PNOZmulti Mini product ranges
  • This version can be used to migrate PNOZmulti Classic or Mini projects to PNOZmulti 2
  • PNOZmulti Classic/Mini projects Open, edit, create projects
  • New PNOZmulti 2 hardware is only supported from Version 11.0 and above

Further information:

Flyer for safe small controllers PNOZmulti Configurator Version 11

Benefits at a glance

  • Software with pre-assembled, certified blocks
  • Easy, retrospective modifications and adjustments to the configuration
  • Simple, comprehensive diagnostics mean short machine downtimes and high plant availability
  • Worldwide safety standard for various automation environments and different communication systems
  • Rapid commissioning and minimal wiring work - See for yourself!

Features at a glance

Configure rather than wire the safety circuit

  • Operation is intuitive: creating your safety circuit is refreshingly easy
  • Freely configurable: parameters for all inputs and outputs are conveniently set with a few clicks in the software tool
  • Use logic operators to link these to form a safety circuit using drag-and-drop
  • You select all function, logic and output elements on the workspace

Automatic error check, protection against changes

  • Safe: the software tool checks the created safety circuit for error sources
  • Protected: you can certify the completed configuration, thereby protecting it from unwanted changes
  • Flexible: you can edit, amend or expand uncertified circuit diagrams at any time
  • Simple: for documentation just print out the circuit diagram configuration

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PNOZmulti Configurator licences

Purchase a licence key to benefits from the whole scope of the PNOZmulti Configurator: Various alternatives are available, from a basic licence to a project upgrade licence, based on your requirements.

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