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The core competency of the injection moulding specialist Waldorf Technik is modular, efficient and highly productive automation solutions, which are tailored exactly to the customer's requirements and offer maximum safety. The CE mark is essential for these modular machines: it documents that the plants as a whole meet the health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Waldorf commissioned Pilz to implement the regulated, demanding risk assessment and validation process: as a services expert, Pilz takes responsibility for the whole conformity procedure. 

Every interface in safe hands

The starting point is thoroughly tricky: production plants at Waldorf Technik exhibit wide-ranging potential hazards among the wide range of intelligently interconnected plant modules. The company is obliged to estimate the risk and implement risk reduction measures for each interface. The particular challenge: there are also third-party interfaces to include and test. Ultimately, the conformity assessment must be correct, and that includes CE marking for the entire plant on site at the customer's premises. Waldorf Technik found that reliable help was on hand with Pilz: from risk assessment to validation, Pilz undertakes the entire conformity assessment procedure. For Waldorf Technik that means a sure guarantee for the customer, plus efficient implementation of the requirements. Twenty projects have already been implemented jointly. Six more are at the planning stage.

Benefits at a glance

  • Crucial time saver: Pilz relieves Waldorf Technik of the whole conformity assessment procedure.
  • Customer enjoys high-quality safety thanks to a high level of technical competence and understanding of the standards.
  • Pilz assumes responsibility for the conformity assessment procedure and confirms conformity with its signature.

Customer statement

Pilz gives us the guarantee in each and every case that our customers will receive safe and easy-to-operate plants. At the same time, we can rely on the fact that we’ve got qualified consultants available at all times to guide us successfully through the project.

Thomas Kocinski, Project Management Team Leader at Waldorf Technik

About Waldorf Technik GmbH

Waldorf Technik GmbH is based in Engen in Hegau and employs around 150 staff. It specialises in the development and construction of customised automation solutions for the removal and further processing of injected moulded parts, particularly in the medical technology and healthcare sector. The company is part of the Hahn Group and its plants manufacture products such as pipette tips, Petri dishes, reaction vessels, blood collection tubes and cuvettes.

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