Access permission with the non-contact sensors PSENcode key

Want to enable access to machine functions to authorised persons only and safely prevent your machines from restarting? For both applications, the coded safety switch PSENcode key is an alternative to the more comprehensive solution with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox and integrated PITreader. PSENcode key is the symbiosis of our PITreader actuator and our exclusively non-contact safety switch PSENcode. It enables safe solutions up to PLe and SIL3.
Thanks to the key lock principle, two applications are possible with PSENcode key:

  • if your employee has the key, he or she receives the machine enable that's tailored to their individual task and can enable operating modes.
  • If the key is on the machine, the employee can remove the key, so preventing the machine from starting unintentionally.

We can offer further solutions for operating mode selection and access permission with the PITreader system as a standalone solution or in the PITgatebox.

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