Brexit news: CE mark extended

CE mark and UKCA mark continue in parallel

On 1 August 2023, the British government announced that it shall remain possible to import defined products with a CE mark indefinitely.

After Brexit, the UKCA mark was introduced in the United Kingdom (UK) as a replacement for the CE mark that’s mandatory in the EU. After a transition period that was extended several times, the UKCA mark and its corresponding process was to have entered into force from 01.01.2025, replacing the CE mark.

With the recent announcement, that deadline has been lifted indefinitely. So as a manufacturer, you still have the choice: products on the British government’s list, such as machinery and electronic components, can be imported into the UK with a CE mark or a UKCA mark. Special rules continue to apply in the respective regions, which you should also be aware of.

Still have questions? We will be happy to help you place plant and machinery on the market across the world. We can advise on all the requirements arising from the CE marking or UKCA process.

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