Uniform railway standard with the EULYNX adapter

Our intention with the EULYNX adapter is to advance the digitalisation of the rail industry. We are driving this development in conjunction with ProRail, the largest railway infrastructure operator in the Netherlands. The EULYNX adapter is an important milestone for an open railway market based on digital train control systems.

The safe automation system PSS 4000 from Pilz is the hardware basis for the EULYNX adapter. With its special railway modules, the automation system PSS 4000 is already used for control and monitoring functions in a wide range of railway applications. It can be used to convert incoming signals, to or from interlockings for example, into control commands, based on the communication protocol RaSTA. These can then be interpreted by the end device – in this case the points.

13 of the largest European operators, including Deutsche Bahn, ProRail Niederlande and SBB Schweiz, have joined forces within the European project EULYNX. The goal is to develop and provide uniform standards for a modular interlocking technology. Operators, universities and other research partners are jointly taking part in this research project.

Further information on EULYNX

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Digitalisation in the rail industry

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