Safety locking devices for your safety gate

Work safely and productively. Protect human and machine.

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We offer a versatile portfolio of safety locking devices to safeguard movable guards. Whether process guarding or safe guard locking for personnel protection, an accessible safety gate or a small cover – our safety switches with guard locking offer the right solution for every application: cost-optimised and flexible. We have adapted the structure of our website to make it easier for your to select products.

New website structure

The new category “Safety switches with guard locking” provides an overview of our products in the area of safety locking devices: from the mechanical safety locking device PSENmech and electromechanical safety locking device PSENslock 2 to our new safety locking device PSENmlock mini for small gates.

Further information

In our new leaflet “Safety locking devices – for greater safety and productivity”, you’ll also find interesting information on the application options for the individual products.


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