Generic controller for various types of points

The Swiss company VT Verkehrs- und Industrietechnik AG (VT AG), experts in track and points construction, were faced with the task of modernising the central control and monitoring system for eight points of varying types. They worked with Pilz to develop a generic solution based on the automation system PSS 4000-R for railway applications. The result is a centralised controller for all types of points.

A transferable control solution

Malfunctions can arise quickly if points are set incorrectly. So it was all the more important to the operators of the Dolderbahn and Rigi Bahnen AG that the points controller be upgraded to the state of the art and comply with the applicable CENELEC standards. There are eight points in total, made up of three different types, which had previously been controlled differently; that proved a challenge. VT AG and Pilz worked together to develop a generic solution: The automation system PSS 4000-R with the corresponding I/O modules, located in the control box alongside the tracks, is now used for centralised control and monitoring of the points. The advantage of this generic control solution is that it only needs to be certified once and in future can be transferred to other types of points. In this way the innovative retrofit ensures that operational processes run smoothly.

The benefits at a glance:

  • The automation system PSS 4000-R is modular in design and is suitable for digital control and retrofit tasks
  • The control solution only needs to be certified once
  • Pilz offers a holistic service – from software development and validation to commissioning and documentation
Automation system PSS 4000-R

“From our side, we would not want to go without the technical competence, the in-depth standards’ knowledge and pleasant personal contact that we enjoy with Pilz”

Daniel Rufener, Project Manager at VT AG

About VT Verkehrs- und Industrietechnik AG (VT AG)

VT Verkehrs- und Industrietechnik AG was founded in 1998 and is based in Neuenhof. The Swiss company offers a wide range of products and corresponding services for superstructure, protection and depot, serving the overall infrastructure of railway, local transport and industry. From installing tracks and points to manufacturing lifting equipment for train maintenance, VT AG offers an all-encompassing range of rail transport services.

The product in application:

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