Safety Device Diagnostics

Simple diagnostics for reduced service operations

Safety Device Diagnostics

The Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) enable you to call up extensive diagnostic data on Pilz safety devices . Doing this will reduce service operations on your customers’ premises! As end users you will benefit from higher machine availability and reduced downtimes.

Thanks to their simple expandability,Safety Device Diagnostics support a mechatronic approach. This consists of a fieldbus module with junction box and the corresponding safety devices (e.g. PSENcode). The conventional signal contacts on the safety devices are automatically activated by the fieldbus module and enabled for the diagnostic system.

You’ll find the required cable, connector and adapter accessories on the following page under Connection technology

New: Safety gate system PSENmlock now Safety Device Diagnostics-capable

The safety gate system PSENmlock is SDD-capable with immediate effect. Use PSENmlock in combination with Safety Device Diagnostics to benefit from many advantages in series connection: in addition to comprehensive diagnostic and status information for reducing downtimes, you can activate and deactivate the guard locking of individual switches in a series. This gives you low-cost series connection and minimises your wiring work.

Safety gate system PSENmlock now Safety Device Diagnostics-capable

Same sensor, extended diagnostics

  • Extensive diagnostics to avoid service operations and to reduce downtimes – e.g. by remote diagnostics via web server
  • Simple diagnostics thanks to use of the same sensors and optional IP67 cabling
  • Information is received directly via the integrated display on the fieldbus module
  • Quick and easy installation due to series connection in the field
  • An interface to the plant bus for all safety devices
  • Third-party devices can be connected directly via the I/Os on the fieldbus module
  • Complete, economical one-stop solution e.g. with PNOZ X or PNOZsigma

Features of Safety Device Diagnostics

Features of Safety Device Diagnostics
  • System consists of fieldbus module, junction box and safety devices
  • Automatic activation of safety devices by the fieldbus module
  • Suitable for 16 sensors wired in series or individually wired
  • 6 additional configurable I/Os
  • Cable lengths: Total of max. 900 m, 50 m from device 1 to device 2, 150 m from the last device to the communication module
  • Reaction times (not safety-related): For safety-related data see individual safety device, diagnostic data < 1 second

Keep an eye on safety devices any time, anywhere

The safety devices (e.g. PSENcode) are activated automatically via the fieldbus module. This enables the signal contacts for Safety Device Diagnostics. As a result, for example, a simple series connection of sensors in the field and remote maintenance via web server are possible.

Safety Device Diagnostics are also the ideal solution for your application: Maintain an overview of safety devices, any time, anywhere!

Applications of Safety Device Diagnostics

Use of Safety Device Diagnostics in industry

Our product range: Safety Device Diagnostics

Fieldbus modules

The fieldbus modules for safety device diagnostics with integrated display are available to suit your plant bus or for connection to your PC.

Wiring aids

Wiring aids for quick and easy installation of safety device diagnostics.

Accessories for safety device diagnostics

Here you will find the appropriate accessories for safety device diagnostics, e.g. spring-loaded terminals and screw terminals.
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