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Safety gate systems

Safety gate systems for guard protection

Safety gate systems

The safety gate systems PSENslock, PSENmlock and PSENsgate are used for guard protection. They monitor doors in safety fences as well as covers and flaps. Our safety gate systems give you an effective and cost-optimised solution that meets the requirements of EN ISO 14119 .

When a safety gate is opened, hazardous movements of machinery must be shut down in accordance with EN ISO 14119 and prevented from restarting. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the guards.

The safety gate systems from Pilz are particularly effective at meeting these requirements and incorporate additional functionalities for greater economy.


New: Modular safety gate system for maximum safety

With our modular safety gate systems, we offer you an individual safety gate solution that is ideally tailored to your application. Combine the safety gate systems PSENmlock and PSENslock with additional components such as Safety Device Diagnostics and pushbutton unit PITgatebox. You achieve a modular safety gate system that fits your requirements.

Benefit from economical series connection, fast diagnostics, additional operating and pushbutton elements as well as an optional escape release!

Modular safety gate system from Pilz

Modular safety gate system

Economical safety gate solution – Benefits to you

  • Protection against hazardous movements and flying parts of machinery and plant through shutdown of the machine movements
  • Restart protection to EN ISO 14119
  • High manipulation protection of the protective equipment
  • Safe, complete solution with Pilz control technology
  • Energy efficient – Thanks to reduced power consumption
Economical safety gate solution

Features of the safety gate systems

Features of the safety gate systems
  • Monitoring of doors, covers and flaps to EN ISO 14119
  • Designed for all applications up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1, SIL 3 of EN/IEC 62061, safety category 4 of EN 954-1

Industry uses of safety gate systems

Our product range: Safety gate systems


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