Jun 3, 2019

Human-robot collaboration 4.0: Standard-compliant HRC with the collision measurement set PRMS

The collision measurement set PRMS, Pilz Robot Measurement System, is used for force and pressure measurement for validating HRC applications in accordance with technique 4 of ISO/TS 15066. Due to the high demand, PRMS is now also available for purchase - in addition to the proven rental concept!

PRMS offers users numerous benefits: Using the associated PRMS Assistant software, the user can conveniently evaluate the measured force and pressure values. The full package includes a one-day training course, which provides an explanation of the measuring system and the standards situation as well as covering practical implementation. The all-in-one concept includes maintenance and calibration as well as software updates for PRMS. With the new compression elements made of silicone, the measuring device is now even handier and reproduces the Shore values from ISO/TS 15066.

In the video, our expert for Consulting Services Robot Safety explains how to use PRMS and the benefits for you.

To the PRMS video

Collision measurement set PRMS in operation

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