Feb 5, 2019

Pilz, training customers in ‘the spirit of safety’

With the Licensed Instructor Training program, customers benefit from Pilz training expertise in a train-the-trainer offering.

With the new Licensed instructor Training program, Pilz now offers a completely customizable training package for customers who already have trainers on staff. Customers benefit from this train-the-trainer approach by being able to then train their own employees when and where they have a need, timely and economically.

As a solutions supplier, Pilz provides customers with products and services that encompass the entire machine lifecycle. A comprehensive range of trainings in the field of machinery safety and automation and Pilz products, along with expert trainers, allow Pilz to offer the new Pilz Licensed Instructor Training program.

Designing a customized train-the-trainer program
With the PilzLIT program, Pilz helps customers design a custom course schedule utilizing existing Pilz training modules, customer-specific requirements, or a combination of the two. The Pilz team of expert trainers will work with customers to ensure their trainers have the strong foundation in critical training skills needed to successfully train their employees, whenever and wherever needed. The Pilz team can also create a test for each course, allowing customers to fully assess their employees’ knowledge level, before and after a course. Customers can also elect to have a Pilz trainer proctor a class and provide constructive feedback to trainers to ensure the best results.

A comprehensive program
Pilz provides all machinery safety training materials, whether it’s current Pilz training modules and/or training materials derived from customer-specific standards and requirements. The final training program is then taught to the customers’ trainers and includes a test for each course, proctoring of the class(es) and a template for certification of completion to give to their own employees. Testing of the trainers is done to guarantee competency. Pilz trainers provide training best practices and the latest techniques in training delivery, giving necessary feedback as the customer trainers deliver the materials. After successful completion of the program, all trainers are then licensed and given all the materials necessary to train their own employees. To ensure quality, Pilz will review and update all materials as necessary.

Pilz Training options
Pilz offers a comprehensive range of trainings in the field of machinery safety and automation as well as Pilz product training. Train-the-trainer courses include:
Machinery safety training - covering subjects such as the Machinery Directive and safety-related standards, based on practical examples, and Pilz product training - covering all relevant areas of automation technology, helping customers use Pilz products efficiently and economically. Please view our current training offering to give you a better idea of subjects.

Integrating customers-specific training as well
The PilzLIT program can also create training materials derived from customer-specific standards and requirements. For companies that already have standard training programs, Pilz can review and suggest updates and/or improvements to the materials to best enhance learning of the material.

For more inforamtion on this trainging program, please contact Pilz USA at insidesales@pilzusa.com or (734) 354-0272.

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