The show must go on

By: John Kneynsberg, CMSE®, Business Development Manager

On November 7th (3 weeks into the Ransomeware attack) we were asked by a customer to quote for training at a few of their sites. We had no computers, no templates, no easy way to do this! However, utilizing my personal computer and software; I asked the customer for previous proposals for which I was able to convert using Adobe online into a Word document.  I created new proposals that I sent to them that same afternoon. The customer received the proposals, approved and issued purchase orders two weeks later.

Dan Rossow (CMSE®, Technical Trainer) was able to get a copy of the training materials from the customer’s parent (where we had done this same training) and contacted the printer who had the files for the training guide. Our IT department was able to ‘clean’ a computer that would run the training presentation.  All the training material and the computer was shipped to Thomas Hoertig, (CMSE®, Technical Specialist) who was able to deliver the training to two sites beginning Sunday, December 15th.

On December 20, 2019, Andrew, the customer, emailed Thomas (and copied Pilz USA management):
“Thomas, I commend you and the Pilz team for your performance this year, particularly in light of your IT issues. Even with the difficulties Pilz experience, all of you have maintained a high level of service and professionalism during the machine assessment and training sessions.  I look forward to working with Pilz in 2020.  – Andrew, EHS&S Manager”

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