PUWER Assessment Tool – enabling simple & compliant assessment in-house

You have the Know-How, now you can have the Tool!

PAT – PUWER Assessment Tool – is the comprehensive iPad based assessment tool that has been used exclusively by the Machinery Safety Experts at Pilz for many years.  As PUWER compliance is an ever-present requirement, not a one-off exercise, we understand you’d like to also enable your in-house personnel to carry out assessments.  PUWER training & experience give you the know-how. Now Pilz has made PAT available to customers to give you the right tool too.

Prior to PAT, Pilz consultants fine-tuned their assessment methodology on paper across multiple industries and environments. PAT was born from the need to carry out those assessments in a more timely and efficient way for both Pilz and their customers.

Download our PUWER Assessment Tool Flyer for a more detailed overview or contact us for a demo.

PAT Flyer

Your benefits at a glance

  • PAT follows Pilz developed methodology for PUWER assessments
  • The report consists of a high-level summary and ‘action-required’ checklist
  • Access is via an App downloaded to a standard iPad* and is paid via a subscription based on the number of users
  • Access is individual to each user and assigned to the iPad IMEI
  • Reports are logged to the individual assessor and time stamped for traceability
  • Reports are created in PDF and Excel format and stored on the secure server
  • The software sits on a secure cloud server - users can only access reports from their own organisation
  • Reports can be downloaded locally and shared

PAT's Process and Output

In a nutshell, PAT enables the assessor to carry out professional and compliant PUWER assessments for single or multiple machines using a standard iPad for image capture and as the input device. Working through the PUWER Regulations 1-24 ACOP L22 (or the ACOP L112 specific Regulations for Power Presses),the software follows the guidance from ISO 12100 (Safety of Machinery – General principles for design – risk assessment and risk reduction) and allows the user to carry out a Risk Assessment utilising the Hazard Rating Numbering system (HRN).

This ensures that every aspect is covered in a tried and tested order - and nothing is accidentally left unchecked.  The system then generates and stores a comprehensive report including a high-level summary and an ‘action-required’ checklist.

Contact us for further information about PAT reports:

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PAT software is secure and the Managed Service Provider is compliant to ISO 27001:2013 (Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection — Information security management systems — Requirements)

Basic Terms and Conditions

  • PAT software is only intended to be available to manufacturing companies for PUWER assessments on their plant and machinery carried out by persons employed by the manufacturing company. 
  • Subscription is payable monthly with a 30 day notice period for cancellation.  No minimum term.
  • **Software network support desk is available Mon-Fri 9-5 exc. bank holidays.
  • The methodology and checklists are conformant to ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)’. Software will be updated in accordance with any future amendments to the legislation.
  • Initial Training is for use of the PAT software only.  PUWER and Risk Assessment training or support is available and chargeable separately from Pilz.
  • The software is secure and the MSP is compliant to ISO 27001:2013

Full Terms & Conditions available on request


Set up cost

  • Fixed fee for initial account and server set up
  • iPad* - 1 per subscriber (client to provide)
  • App installation fee - 1 per iPad
  • Software user training - cost variable dependent on number of users and locations

Subscription cost

  • Monthly subscription covering access and network support** - variable dependent on number of users

Contact us for a personalised quote or a demo of the PUWER Assessment Tool application:

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* iPad and iPadOS Specification


  • iPad generation 8 onwards
  • Other models e.g. Air/Pro/Mini not recommended


  • iPadOS 16 onwards

RAM/Data storage capacity

  • 3GB RAM / 32GB Storage

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