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Corby, 6 Jul 2018

PUWER compliance ... Pilz has got it covered!

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations - PUWER - aim to create a safe working environment for anyone who comes into contact with machinery and work equipment. Compliance with the Regulations is a legal requirement. Pilz Automation Technology has many years of experience in helping companies achieve PUWER compliance for plant and machinery. Along the way, they have developed a comprehensive range of resources and services all designed to make compliance as painless as possible!

PUWER Website...

A dedicated PUWER Website – www.pilzpuwer.co.uk - offers detailed and industry-specific guidance to the Regulations and includes an interactive machine to show which Regulations are applied to your machinery.  You can also download a sample of a Pilz PUWER inspection report to get an insight into the output of the company’s experienced PUWER consultants.

Webinars ...

Pilz also run free Webinars regularly - recordings of the last sessions are available by clicking below or on request:

Understanding PUWER - Regulations 1-11
Understanding PUWER - Regulations 12-24

Training ...

Last but not least, If you'd prefer face-to-face training, Pilz Machinery Safety experts regularly run the 1-Day Course 'Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations' either at their Corby training centre or at your premises.

For further information, visit www.pilzpuwer.co.uk, email puwer@pilz.co.uk or call 01536 460766.

PUWER compliance ... Pilz has got it covered!

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