2 May 2024

New issue: Transformation of industry

In the current issue of “Mensch und Automation” we take a look at the transformation of industry. Sustainability and digitisation are changing industries; legislators are also seeing the need to act when it comes to Security measures. We report on which laws are relevant, and the contribution that safe automation makes to the success of this transformation.

This way to “Mensch und Automation digital”

The new issue of

Digitisation, networking and, not least, sustainability are core issues for the economy and society. They have initiated a transformation in many industry sectors. In many of these sectors, Pilz supports companies with solutions based on safety and digitisation. These include the hydrogen sector, battery production or even railway technology. The requirements of functional safety and Industrial Security are increasing. Legislators have also recognised this and are changing the legal position.

IO-Link Safety: Why safe connectivity is a hit in the field

Industrial communication – especially at field level – must be able to provide safe data transfer up to the “last” sensor. This can also provide greater availability and more flexible automation. That allows production processes to be optimised.

Security: as awareness grows, the questions mount

By the time the new EU Machinery Regulation is published, it will be clear: Security is now a legal requirement. But how are companies around the world dealing with it? Our Security experts from Germany, Italy & Austria tell us.

Successful retrofit of an eccentric press from Grass GmbH 

Presses are particularly relevant when it comes to safety requirements. Grass GmbH, a global manufacturer of movement systems for furniture and household appliances, was looking for a partner to convert older plants to the state of the art, in compliance with the standards.


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