21 Oct 2020

Pilz connection technology for greater safety and flexibility!

Alongside a wide range of Pilz products we now offer suitable accessories to match your needs. With cables of varying lengths and materials, as well as a wide range of connectors and adapters, you’ll find the right solution for your application, even in conjunction with products from other manufacturers. You’ll now find our full range of accessories quickly and easily in an overview.

A wide range of application options for use in the most varied of industries:

  • Connection technology for all popular manufacturers
  • Pilz products connected in series
  • Existing connections made simpler with the right adapters
  • Span unknown lengths using cable combined with suitable connectors

Design the right wiring in just a few steps thanks to an extensive range of cables and connectors - irrespective of the scope and size of your application and environmental conditions, so enabling many additional functionalities.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Find cables and connectors more quickly, whether or not you have a definite product category
  • Good overview of the wide-ranging connection technology portfolio at Pilz
  • Many extended functionalities due to the wide range of accessories
  • Compile the system solution that’s right for you, quickly and easily

Further information about our diverse range is available here:

An overview of Pilz connection technology

In just a few steps, design the optimum field wiring for your application!

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