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Join us for our free webinar series "Safety of Machinery" where we introduce various topics relating to machinery safety, specifically with a look at Australian requirements.

In the Safety of Machinery webinar series we will host a monthly luncthime webinar introducing you to topics relating to machinery safety, with a focus on the Australian legislation and standards.

Topics include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Safe Procurement of Machinery
  • Machinery Guarding Basics
  • Interlocks
  • Safeguarding Devices
  • Industrial Robots
  • Human Robot Collaboration
  • CE Marking

Registration links will be provided as they are made available (see table below), but if you would like to be put on the mailing list to receive notifications when new webinars are listed, please contact us using training@pilz.com.au

Preliminary dates and topics are as follows (we apologise for any changes we may have to make to the listed dates/topics):

Date Time AEDT/AEST Topic Registration
4th Feb 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Machinery Guarding Basics Recording
4th Mar 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Interlocked Guards Recording
1st Apr 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Managing Risk in machinery procurement Recording
6th May 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Intro to safety design Recording
3rd Jun 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Intro to Risk Assessment Register
1st Jul 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Industrial Robots Coming soon
29th Jul 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Safeguarding Devices Coming soon
26th Aug 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Locking devices Coming soon
16th Sep 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Human Robot collaboration Coming soon
28th Oct 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Introduction to CE Marking Coming soon
25th Nov 2022 12 PM to 1 PM Machine stopping time and safety distances Coming soon
9th Dec 12 PM to 1 PM Performance Level Calculations with PAScal Coming soon


You would like to book this training on a different date, or at a different site and/or to book a different training type? Please contact us. We are happy to inform you personally.

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